Monday, at 1AM

Instead of waking early to join the stream, I was woken at half-past eleven by Chaos doing a silly run. I figured that, since I was due to actually wake at half-past midnight, I might as well get out there and prepare for the nonsense.

Today's nonsense, whether or not it includes an art stream, will definitely include house unfuckening, a daily tale, and a goal of 200 words.

I didn't easily over-write, last week, so that's my cue to stay at that goal. With one out of five writing sessions overflowing, I'm not mentally able to go further. Forcing myself to go do more than I'm currently capable of is only going to cause burnout and that's bad.

As I said to a chatgroup I'm in: "You've got to look after yourself. You're the only you we have."

Expect that on a T-shirt sometime.

I have already been derailed by an ancient VCR edutainment vid someone found about how to do an internet, circa 1990-something. It's hilarious now, but people needed to know this.

History is weird.

Onwards to today's nonsense.