Challenge #04185-K167: The All-Purpose Animal

Humans bring to multiple Thranityr worlds the farming of goats and cattle. How to properly raise them, how to milk them, and how to make cheeses and butter. Along with other human foodstuffs they've not grown or raised yet. -- Anon Guest

There exists a perfect machine for turning cellulose-based life into protein. It's versatile, self-powered, self-replicating, and capable of adapting to most terrains. It can flourish in deserts. The byproducts of its processes are excellent for fertilising crops. It's even autonomous.

It's called a goat.

There's others like the sheep, or the pig, that can go many places and have plural uses. Cows require plains or plain-like habitats. But for sheer versatility... very little surpasses the goat. Which was why, in an effort to assist the Thranityr in sustaining sufficient resources for their population, the Humans brought goats with them. The toughest breed they had.

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