Unfucked! ...sort of

And it wasn't as easy as it could have been if Beloved had just listened to me in the first place.

Here's how it went:

  1. Attempt to hack Beloved's Adobe account [with prior permission!] and get into Animate failed
  2. Asked to be certain of Beloved's email just in case I got that bit wrong
  3. No response for 48 hours
  4. Finally pin down Beloved to learn that everything is in my account
  5. WHEEEE!
  6. Now whee because updates that literally take all night
  7. Finally updated everything only to learn that I did not, in fact, have Animate in my account
  8. Send screenshot to Beloved
  9. FINALLY get the info I need
  10. ::hacker voice:: I'm in

But not quite yet. It's Monday, and that means brat runs, cash runs, cleaning, writing, and all that other noise before I can squeeze in a few minutes to work on SESP.


At least I'm logged in to the one that lets me fix the last splash of errata.

And speaking of errata, the drawing program I've been using has had an update which means that merging layers involves more trickiness than I could unfathom last year. Gotta work on that because I don't want to keep relogging so I can enter Photoshop and merge the unmerged that I want merged.

Problem for later. I have enough problems today.