Challenge #01981-E157: One Educational Day on a Strange New World

Due to the dangerous and rather... peculiar circumstances of the mission, all crew members were assigned a personal “guardian human”.

Your human seems to hate you. At least if their glare and “sarcasm” is anything to go off of. You’ve already tried all the suggested bonding methods but you’re certain that she wouldn’t hesitate to leave you (to die! On that gods-forsaken planet!) if given the chance.

But then the storm came. -- Anon Guest

Edge Territory Planetary Survey, or ETPlaS for short, is one of those work forces one joins for the Hazard Pay. On the plus side, everyone doing EVA gets both a Guardian Human and a Human Bonus. Because the Humans are their own kind of dangerous. They're Deathworlders, often describing their own planet as 'space Australia'. And since they had a region on their own planet that was inherently hostile to life, they were a species to definitely not mess with.

Horx was uneasy with hir Human. They seemed indifferent at best and angry at worst. Their command of GalStand was crude and abrupt. If they could string more than ten words together, it was in one of the Human tongues they shared with the others on the mission. As far as communicating with Horx was concerned, a majority of it was tonal inflections around the ur-word, "Ay".

Right now, Human Shaz was using it because they had spotted a fellow human. "AAAAAYYYY!"

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