I Live Again!

So in this episode of What's Fucked Now, we investigate one of the multitude of reasons why Java firkin sucks.

1: It's too new for anything else to use it.

That's right, my dear readers. A Java Update caused my site to go do-lally and the Java had to be downgraded for everything to work properly.

There's new security for everything because shithole hackers view Java as a challenge and everything runs on Java and we only updated last firkin week what the fuck is wrong with you arseholes.

People are trying to have careers over here, you dipshits.

So it's either upgrade everything every other hour or leave it as is and hope some of the people who have the power of internet computers over me decide to be nice for a change and don't DDOS me or whatever the fuck. Or exploit this week's security holes on my site for the lols.

Can't you peeps get a better hobby? Look, I have loads of stuff for y'all to read. Some of it might even be good.

Today's mish is the Patreon stuff as soon as I'm done with the Instant Story. And when I'm done with my novel's 500 words, I shall attempt to resume my animation nonse.

And if I make some progress, I shall also work on the summary for Adapting for that one agent left on my list. And fixing the Markdown version of the book.

In other news, I have loved my "steampunk" boots to death, and now I'm on the lookout for some "steampunk" boots that can fucking last more than two years. Preferably from salesplaces in my area.

But hey - if I have to make a pilgrimage to Myers or whatever, I will.

Wearing my falling-apart boots and asking, "Hey have you got anything like these but better fucking made?" No more of this synthetic everything horseshit. Give me something that was made by a fucking artist who's proud of their work. I will praise their name for the rest of my gorram life.