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Challenge #01868-E044: The Stepford House

As early 20th century houses go, it was fine. Neat, tidy, clean, owners polite to their black maid and cleaner and paid them well, children loved by their parents, and parents whom loved their children.

So WHY did it reek like a stinking dungeon in a necromancers castle? The Doctor lasted 10 seconds before leaping in with both boots. -- Anon Guest

It was almost a cliché, really. Lost traveller, wicked storm. Can't stay out in this mess. Would it be too much trouble? And then, inevitably, it was.

The family seemed perfectly normal. Which instantly raised his hackles. Absolutely nobody, anywhere, was perfectly normal. They were affluent, but the entire family had the time to enjoy themselves at whatever they wanted. They could have whatever they wanted. They could do whatever they wanted.

And then the Doctor asked the Question. "Are you all happy?" And the answer was in the father's eyes.

They lied when he said, "Of course we're happy. We have everything we need."

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Challenge #01781-D320: Ambush Predators

Rushing up and down the FIFA carpark, the Doctor got increasingly frustrated. "She's BLUE!!! Not orange, but blue!" -- Fliss

The parking lot was almost lined with orange booths. Because this was an arena of high spirits, cheap alcohol, and impatient bladders. One would think, with paired booths every ten meters, that one blue one would be easy to spot, but such was not the case.

Holly said, "You don't even remember which parking lot you left her in?"

The Doctor stopped

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Challenge #01752-D291: It's Actually a Dramatisation of Real Events

There are three! I mean three Tardises parked in the car-park - in the Director's, and The Chairman's spaces and now all three of Him are arguing with themselves and waving their sonics at each other. -- Anon Guest

"I'm here to right a grievous wrong."

"I'm here to right a grievous wrong."

It was a three-way Gallifreyan stand-off. All on the set. All between people who looked remarkably similar to the actors who had played them. Tensions were high. And at

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Challenge #01722-D261: Invaders vs Natives

Doctor Disco sighed. Clever, he enjoyed dealing with. Idiots were even more fun to be had. But an enemy with a single goal, moderate leadership intentions, and an analytical plan that still got bollixed up annoyed him no end. -- Fliss

It was days like this when it was difficult to tell who the real enemy was. He usually preferred siding with the ones who tried not to kill. Which, unfortunately, were not the humans, this time. The other side were the

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Challenge #01688-D227: Race to the End of the World

People come and go, the christening you bless will be the funeral you mourn in less than a century. But people keep saying “I love you”, that has to count for something. -- Anon Guest

"Why, though?" complained Holly. "Why does anything mean anything? It's all... it's all for nothing, in the end."

The Doctor sat by her. "I'm two and a half thousand years old. I've seen worlds born. I've seen worlds die. The same for civilisations. And people. The same

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Challenge #01683-D222: A Little Lesson

[Title: There's a cat in the box!] River and the TARDIS have decided the Doctor can stand to learn some humility. -- Fliss

The TARDIS, when she briefly had a humanoid body, said that she didn't have speech capabilities. That wasn't quite true. If you knew how to listen, she would communicate with you. Let herself be known.

"He's getting an ego on him," said River. "I agree. Did you hear that last speech? Congratulating himself over how many civilisations have died

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Challenge #01671-D210: Don't Kill Us Yet

In the immortal words of Genghis Khan: "U Wot M8?" -- RecklessPrudence

The Doctor slowly turned their head to glare at their new companion.

"What?" said Kylie.

"All of time and space. All of existence. All of... everything... and you take the first opportunity to tell a historically inaccurate joke."

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Challenge #01646-D185: Two Big Tells

I've only ignored a wise and powerful being saying "are you sure you want to do that?" once in all my lives, and I regretted it for the rest of that existence. On the other hand, ignoring it from beings who may be powerful, but only think they're wise? Done that dozens of times. The trick is telling the difference. -- RecklessPrudence

Since they were at the mercy of a seemingly wise and powerful being, Holly leaned over to whisper in the

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Challenge #01622-D161: An Unlikely Misadventure

“I want to preface this by saying nothing happened, nothing is on fire. It is mere speculation. Do we have a fire extinguisher?” -- RecklessPrudence

"We're on a steam-powered space ship," said the Doctor. "Something has to be on fire or it wouldn't be working." He didn't look at Kev. He was more interested in the pipes and valves that seemed to make up a majority of the corridor decor. He was busy trying to work out what they were for and

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Challenge #01576-D115: Ass-umptions

"It must be jelly, 'cause jam don't shake like that!" -- Anon Guest

"You haven't seen Great-Aunt Hattie's jam," said Holly, peering at the substance. "It smells a bit. I wouldn't want to try eating it."

"Good thought," said the Doctor. "It might be alive."

Holly backed away. "Are you serious? That?"

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Challenge #01574-D113: Not So Nice and Quiet

There was a beach, with a gentle swell and white sand. A beautiful forest glade was behind them, and a gentle creek burbled to the ocean. It looked the most tranquil place in the universe.... -- Anon Guest

"I don't like it," said the Doctor, side-eyeing a stand of picturesque stones.

"Wrong colour?" teased Holly.

"It's peaceful. Just the right temperature. Perfect weather. The right amount of breeze. Even the susurration of the ocean and the forest leaves is at just the

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Challenge #01571-D110: Lost With a Blue Box

:When summing up recent events:

The tree does seem to be suspiciously friendly and sane for an ancient being or ancient artefact, let alone both in one. Even the only other vaguely sane ancient being, the balloon-jellyfish godling, wasn't this friendly until she was punched in the face a few times and given a pretty good Shut Up, Hannibal speech by a sapient brain tumor, and she doesn't seem to have been nearly as old.

...that was a weird sentence. -- RecklessPrudence

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Challenge #01489-D028: One Hazy Mid-afternoon in an East Sussex Hospital Ward

"She has amnesia,"

"Thank god!"


"...I-I said, THAT'S TERRIBLE! " -- OohLookShiny

Nurse Blakely wasn't fooled for an instant. She had seen what had happened to Miss Doe. Helped patch up the damage. "You sound like you know how September Doe got her injuries, Mr..." she checked her notes, "Smith."

"First, her name is Holly Buckley. Second, it's my job to keep her safe. Third... I really failed this time. And it involved some werewolves. Well. Three werewolves, a volcano, and a

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Challenge #01450-C355: To Save the World

"I picked you up, even when you were covered in slime after he spat you out! You were technically vomit, and you were still the most beautiful thing I'd ever laid eyes on!" -- Anon Guest

"It's a good thing you told me about the uvula," she allowed, "but... a thing? Really?"

"Only by base technicality, dear," cooed Blasingstoke. "You are a machine."

Miss Cliq sighed at him. "Fine. You get away with it for now. No more objectifying cogniscents."

"Yes dear,

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Challenge #01418-C323: The Button

"You should have told me what that button did."

"You shouldn't have pressed it!"

"I wouldn't have pressed it if i knew what it did!" -- OohLookShiny

"Just. Why?" said Holly.

"It was big and red and said don't touch on it," said the Doctor. "You can't understand what a raw temptation that is."

"Maybe there was a reason it was like that," argued Holly. "You don't touch big red buttons that tell you not to touch them."

"You don't touch big

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