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Challenge #03563-I274: Snap Inspection

The person who WANTS power, should never be allowed near it. The person who does not wish for power, but is able to think clearly and is fair, those are the leaders we need. -- Anon Guest

Berthora Marcatrude Aregund Lunjevica, Seventh Matroness of the Eastmount Olikents was right about one thing. They actually did have a noble-born sweeping the streets. Well. Courtyard. Wraithvine had been watching the fellow in Whitekeep livery for some time. Trying to judge the situation on available information.

She had said that Whitekeep "just let those filthy Hellkin wander about unfettered," and claimed that the entire mountain was overrun with them. Certainly, they were more likely to turn up in a crowd, and certainly nobody was chained according to the first laws of the realm... but it was merely a case of the normally reviled being permitted to live. They were considered lucky by the majority of the population, here.

The fellow under Wraithvine's scrutiny was wearing red velvet and crisp, white linen. There was fine hose and gleaming shoes in the ensemble. As well as, attached to his upright horns, a headpiece of gold and gemstones. Fixed there by clever artifice, not burned in like the wedding band. The broom was nothing special. It was like any other broom in any household anywhere in Alfarell. Except this one was piloted meditatively by a blue devil made flesh. He wore his hair in Elven braids that denoted his happy marriage, three children, and perhaps a nod to his station.

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Challenge #02162-E333: To Seek Out New Life

The 'Enterprise' crew discover P'ting -- Anon Guest

Captain's Log: Stardate... unknown. We have been flung by an unknown force into a nebula that could be tremendously far from home or... could be in another dimension. Commander Spock has been working on determining the exact destination in which we find ourselves. In the meantime... we pursue our primary mission to seek out and explore... anything... that is new.

The bridge of the Enterprise was quiet, but it was the kind of quiet

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Challenge #01987-E163: One Mildly Ominous Evening in Ankh-Morpork

Archancellor Ridcully slowly walked around the blue box. It looked safe enough, despite the weird noise as it appeared. -- Anon Guest

And then someone who looked almost exactly like that fellow from the post office[1] popped out from the door. "Oh hallo," he said. "I seem to be very much lost. You see, I was on my way to Barcelona, and..." He trailed off. "Have I been here before?"

Archancellor Ridcully had a train of thought that couldn't be shifted

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Challenge #01974-E150: Dangers Untold

Team Blue again. In this case Team Blue read fan fic. -- Anon Guest

Evo-era Nightcrawler stopped when he saw his face on a thing. It wasn't a comic book, not a book. It was thick and filled with lurid art and closely-set type. "Was ist das?"

"This is my zine," said the vendor, "Blue is My Colour. It's a collection from a bunch of fans. There's Kurtty in there as well as Kurmanda. I try to keep out the hate-fics on

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Challenge #01973-E149: Rhapsodical in Blue

More of shenanigans when "Team Blue" turn up at a convention. Nightcrawlers, Taako and the Tick. AKA "Team Blue". -- Anon Guest

[AN: This hails back to this thing that happened a little while ago.]

Good news: They were relatively harmless. Bad news: They had decided to split up and search for clues. Some Nightcrawlers were Bamfing all over the place. Some were perched on tall objects. The youngest Nightcrawler of the group was politely asking gargantuan-suited cosplayers if their outfits were

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Challenge #01959-E135: Something Blue

Pick a cartoon character from print media, and the lines between reality cross. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I couldn't pick just one]

"Unglaublich..." said five voices at once. Various incarnations of Nightcrawler were staring at each other.

"Hail and well met," said another blue figure in a ridiculously tall hat. "This is not the markets I was in a second ago, not racially profiling, here, but... did anyone do anything... eldritch?"

"Fear not, citizens," said a big, beefy, man beef in a

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Challenge #01909-E085: Some Bargain

"Oook!" Life was so much better. With a tip of the hat to Sir Terry. -- Anon Guest

When you got right down to it, being transformed into one of the great apes wasn't that bad. Living expenses became super-cheap when all one needed was a hanging tyre and a blanket or three in a corner. The diet was bland, but affordable. Especially if one knew a guy who knew a guy who worked in gardening and could supply an ape with

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Challenge #01871-E047: Know When to Walk Away

Hello! I would find it immensely amusing if you would write a fic where Maxim (Girl Genius) and/or any of the Jägers run into Taako (TAZ) and strike up a conversation about hats. Your writing is great and I am highly impressed with how much you manage to write. Thanks for listening! :) -- HowShouldIKnow

Never mind how they got there. The meeting should have been brief. It should have resulted in one of them knowing something the other had to bargain

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Challenge #01793-D332: Hello, Goodbye...

“When in doubt, push buttons. Eventually something will happen.”

Noo! Don’t!” -- TheDragonsFlame

"Rabbit," said The Spine severely, gripping his sister's wrist and preventing her from interacting with the console. "Pressing random buttons is how we got into this mess in the first place."

"Well s-ss-something's g-gotta get us back to K-k-k-Kazooland."

"Uhm," said Hatchworth. "We have... com-pa-ny."

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Challenge #01622-D161: An Unlikely Misadventure

“I want to preface this by saying nothing happened, nothing is on fire. It is mere speculation. Do we have a fire extinguisher?” -- RecklessPrudence

"We're on a steam-powered space ship," said the Doctor. "Something has to be on fire or it wouldn't be working." He didn't look at Kev. He was more interested in the pipes and valves that seemed to make up a majority of the corridor decor. He was busy trying to work out what they were for and

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Challenge #01409-C314: Whoops

I've always wondered what would happen if early version of Clark Kent dived into the wrong phone box. Namely that blue Police Call Box. -- Knitnan

London. The birthplace of the Western civilisation. It was more like a tourist spot that people lived in, now, but that didn't really matter. Clark was supposed to be covering some major deal where the royal family weighed in on an international trade partnership. He was to get as many exclusive photos as he could.


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Challenge #01399-C304: Home Again, Home Again

Skelebro(s?) coming to collect Frisk from interdimensional adventures -- Anon Guest

"Look, this kid belongs to somebody, Wander. We've been through this."

Wander was doing his puppy-eyes again. "I know, Sylvia... but just look at hir. Ze's so cute..."

Frisk signed, I knew I shouldn't have worn the tutu today, but ze signed it to beings who did not understand hir. Once again, actions spoke louder than sign language.

"...there ya are, kiddo."

Frisk shrieked a tiny noise of glee and

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Challenge #01397-C302: Weird Encounters

Frisk Meets....

1) The Mystery Skulls

2) Scooby Doo -- Anon Guest

[AN: This puts the gap count down to ONE. Also, I'm assuming you mean the Mystery Skulls of MSA]


Frisk signed, You're new. Hello.

The formally-dressed Skeleton in front of hir glared down at the child. He was apparently nodding to a beat that Frisk couldn't hear. He didn't speak, and that could be because he didn't have a lower jaw.

Frisk tried offering him some monster food. A

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Challenge #01348-C253: That Escalated Quickly

Lilo Pelekai and Steven Universe -- Anon Guest

[AN: Pretty sure 90% of the Disney Channel visited Lilo, back in the day, so I'm bringing Lilo to Steven]

Steven was getting fast. And strong. And thanks to his newfound ability to leap around like a balloon, Greg didn't have to spend so much on a truck rental. Which meant that the beach stage was going up in record time.

Correction. It had gone up in record time.

"Whoah. You're getting too good,

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Challenge #01316-C221: Random Encounter

Pick your favourite cartoon character, print or media and have them meet/interact with another. -- Knitnan

[AN: You do realise SPG have their own webcomic right? but I'll play this straight this time]

"That wormhole really did a number on me," mumbled Sylvia. "Where the flarf are we?"

"I have no idea," Wander chirped. He had made a campfire and was roasting something on a stick. "But the beach is lovely and there's a cute little town on the other side

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