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Challenge #02100-E276: Just One Problem

There was a trail of pink sequins, and glitter. Someone or something had left a trail of what turned out to be the CEO's private stash of double chocolate delight cookie crumbs. And the newest release toy "Magic Unicorn Purple Princess" was missing. -- Anon Guest

Allie, chief of R&D turned to the alleged genius who was working on the project. "Thorpe... was it supposed to do that?"

Thorpe was still staring at the trail and running math on how much trouble he was currently in. He was currently working on a more accurate estimation than 'loads'. "Uuuuuhhhh," he said.

"I'll take that as a 'no'," sighed Allie, attempting to pinch away a headache at the bridge of her nose. "Most important things first. The replacement cookies are coming out of your paycheque. And you're paying for a really big box of those seashell hazelnut pralines by way of an apology. That's later. For now, we're hunting this thing down and figuring out what the hell is going on; and by 'we', I mean 'you'. I might help if you have something approaching a theory."

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Challenge #01780-D319: Comfort Totem

Teddy bears are well- and widely-loved children’s toys… despite the fact that they’re modeled after 600lb/272kg beasts that could easily kill you if they so chose to. Seems reasonable. -- TheDragonsFlame

Somewhere on the Edge Territories, before Humanity was reclassified as merely insane...

"And that artefact?" said the Saurian trader, gesturing at the thing under the mammal's arm.

"Not for sale," said the creature. "That's -uh- a comfort item. It's called a 'teddy bear'. It's mine and I'm keeping

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Challenge #01589-D128: Hazardous Playthings

Yo Yo See what you can do with this prompt. it would have been just yo yo but they wanted a longer sentence. -- Anon Guest

There is a uniquely human term, 'toy'. Though the concept of play is nothing new to many species in the Galactic Alliance, the Terran concept of things designed for play alone is strange to many. The fact that many of these objects used to be used as weapons just goes to show that Deathworlders are creatures

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Help Out a Pegasister?

We interrupt my quasi-regular wall-street themed rant to bring you: ponies.

Or rather, the supreme lack thereof.

Here in Queensland there seems to be an amazing dearth of toys based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I was under the mistaken assumption that Hasbro wanted to make money out of this.

And yet…

There are absolutely



moulded-hair show-accurate figurine sets anywhere in my area.

And since my daughter loves Rainbow Dash [She’s pretty heavily ASD and

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