Challenge #01589-D128: Hazardous Playthings

Yo Yo See what you can do with this prompt. it would have been just yo yo but they wanted a longer sentence. -- Anon Guest

There is a uniquely human term, 'toy'. Though the concept of play is nothing new to many species in the Galactic Alliance, the Terran concept of things designed for play alone is strange to many. The fact that many of these objects used to be used as weapons just goes to show that Deathworlders are creatures to be feared.

It also shows that humans will play with anything.

This human, assigned to the Keflax vessel 239867[1], had a small device in their pocket. It was two discs, cemented together around a cylindrical core, and that core was wound about with string. At any idle moment, the human named Steve would bring it out and start playing with both it and gravity. Sometimes seeming to defy it.

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