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When your special talent is not having a special talent, and why it’s awesome

Storybook Slate could do a little of everything. She was the most helpful pony in Ponyville.

And yet, every morning, she would be touring the town seeking odd jobs to help with. Towing her tool cart behind her. Every day she was doing something different. Helping ponies everywhere.

Naturally, the Cute Mark Crusaders found her fascinating.

They caught her on a rare day off, when she was doodling in a notebook about whatever caught her fancy at the time. She got her latest thought down and put her tools away. “Hello, girls. Do you need help, today?”

“We were wondering if we could ask you something,” said Scootaloo.

“About Cutie Marks,” clarified Sweetie Belle

“And how you can know what your talent is,” said Applebloom.

Storybook poured them each a drink and said, “You girls had better sit down…”

“Ugh, a long story,” Scootaloo rolled her eyes.

“No dear. A sad and disturbing story.”

All three fillies’ eyes went wide as she pulled up her skirt to reveal a…





Applebloom fainted. Sweetie Belle screamed. Scootaloo began to hyperventilate.

“You… never… got your Cutie Mark?”

Storybook helped Scootaloo breathe into a paper bag. “Yes, I was teased in school by those who thought a Cutie Mark was the be-all and end-all. And yes, it was horrid. And for a while I tried what you girls are trying. Anything and everything to find my special talent. That’s when a funny thing happened.”

They were rapt, now. Almost breathless. Their drinks, unregarded, attracted butterflies and bees.

“I was a little good at everything. Not talented. Not specially. Just better than any pony who didn’t have the talent for it. I could be useful everywhere. I could turn my hoof to anything. And I loved it.” She covered her blank flank once more. “There’s a few of us. One’s a janitor at the Canterlot palace. He’s a lot more bold about it than I am. But since I never found a calling… I go where I’m needed and I like it that way. Today, I’m a writer. Tomorrow? Who knows? I could be catering with Pinkie Pie or an animal care assistant to Fluttershy. Or I could be helping Bubble Dream deliver parcels.”

“Bubble who?”

“You like to call her ‘Derpy’. There’s lots you don’t know about our silly blonde mailmare. Like - how her special talent is blowing bubbles in the most fascinating shapes. And they stay that way until they pop.”

“But she’s a mailmare…” protested Applebloom.

“Not every talent pays the rent, dear. Not every talent is useful. But I can assure you girls of one thing.”

They leaned forward.

“You have one. As unique as your good selves.”

That mutual sigh of relief should pay for some small sins.

“So we will find it one day,” said Sweetie Belle. “But the way you put it? I wouldn’t mind bein’ a blank flank for ever.”

“You should try the karaoke contest across town,” said Storybook. “You may surprise yourself.”

“Aw, but we were going waterskiing over a shark tank,” protested Scootaloo.

“Now that I think about it, Karaoke doesn’t involve so many doctor’s bills,” said Applebloom.

They galloped off to the cheer of, “Cutie Mark Karaoke Crusaders! YAAAYYY!”

Storybook Slate poured their unfinished drinks into saucers for the butterflies and bees. “I don’t suppose you want to hear this one?” she said to the dancing insects, “it’s about a pony who travels in time…”

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Who's Your Favourite?

It’s inevitable, really.

The instant you mention you like My Little Pony, you get asked “Who’s your favourite?”

Isn’t it okay to love them all?

I don’t choose favourites. The things I love, I love equally as much. Love is a fountain that never diminishes, to me. It should be shared as such.

Which is why my imaginary harem contains a shapeshifter, a giant purple talking crab thing, and three different versions

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Changing Worlds

I thought I’d take a break from OWS for a bit to discuss my writing. It is why I started this blog in the first place. Thinking of something to write every day has had me quasi-geared towards finding material for my blog. Great.

But it’s been keeping me from my indfic.

Thank goodness for fanfic.

I love writing fanfic. There’s so much less one has to explain, keep straight, or look up. An admired writer

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Nostalgia For Never Was

Remember all those sitcoms where people helped people out? The dream worlds like The Waltons or Leave It To Beaver? If a Neighbour was experiencing trouble, the whole neighbourhood pitched in to help.

I’m more convinced than every that it was just a dream. An impossible utopia that everyone pretends was real so they can say, “things were better when…”

In the real world, some busybody Neighbour would have reported the Cleavers to CPS because their kid

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“Her eyes are up there, pal.” I did it. I created humanised pony art. Why I did this: I’ve been browsing the internet fan...

“Her eyes are up there, pal.”

I did it. I created humanised pony art.

Why I did this:

I’ve been browsing the internet fan art scene for a while and the humanised portraits are either porn or of little girls. I’ve also been thinking about what they’d really be like if they were people.

Fluttershy is shy for a reason. Amongst other cruelties like not finding her talent until she was expelled from her

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Help Out a Pegasister?

We interrupt my quasi-regular wall-street themed rant to bring you: ponies.

Or rather, the supreme lack thereof.

Here in Queensland there seems to be an amazing dearth of toys based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I was under the mistaken assumption that Hasbro wanted to make money out of this.

And yet…

There are absolutely



moulded-hair show-accurate figurine sets anywhere in my area.

And since my daughter loves Rainbow Dash [She’s pretty heavily ASD and

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