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Plotbunnies Come From WTF...

Can’t get rid of this one, so I thought I’d give it to the aether:

Pinkie Pie and the Brain.

Pinkie Pie finds an ancient cryo-storage tube in some old ruins underneath the Everfree Forest. Naturally, she pushes the big, red button that no-one should touch and releases the most machiavellian megalomaniac mouse ever known to mankind - Brain.

Mayhem, of course, ensues.

Send me the results, I’d love to see how it turns out.

Fanfic Time: The Everfree Demon

Oneshot unfinished ficcy below the cut:

The Everfree Demon

Nopony liked to venture far into the Everfree Forest. The last time Fluttershy had gone this far in the vast, unnatural tangle, she had been with her five friends. On their quest for the Elements of Harmony.

Fluttershy went even deeper into the dark, foreboding labyrinth. “Clara?” she tried to shout, but it came out as a murmur. “Come back to me? It’s dangerous in here. Chick,

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Unpublished fanficcy list

As I mentioned earlier, I have over 100 fanfics squirrelled around the place.

This is all the titles of the ones that have not seen Tumblr yet, and their universes.

Mother - XME
A Singular Day - XME
And Thou Beside Me - XME
Bayville By Gaslight - XME
Blue Love - XME
Blessing-Curse - XME
Little Blob Lost - DS9
Blue Summers - XME
Broken Minds - X-Men Comicverse
Could Have Been - DS9
We Need a Dang Title (The Dragon

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I'm looking for title art

If you’ve read my recently-published tale, Late Bloomer and have any artistic talent, please post or send me something.

I’m looking to share Late Bloomer on EqD and they like it when you have art for a title page.

If anyone, anywhere, loves the story enough to make some non-spoilery fan art, please send it to or even post it as a reply here. Or send me a link to where you posted it. Whatever.

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Late Bloomer (Story!)

Finally finished this about two months after I started it.

Warning: Long story is LOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG

Late Bloomer

“Excuse me?”

Twilight startled. She swore there hadn’t been anyone else in the library a minute ago. “Where did you come from?”

The strange unicorn was tall and gangly, though of about adult pony height, she had obviously yet to fill out. “Trotston. Originally,” she said. Her straight, brown mane hung over most of her face as

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“Don’t make me go away?” – by me I love Derpy. I love her even more now that she’s had a few lines in the...

“Don’t make me go away?” – by me

I love Derpy. I love her even more now that she’s had a few lines in the show. Now, some folks seem to think that Derpy and her portrayal is “ableist”. I think it’s quite the opposite.

There are kids out there who have learning difficulties. They are going to have to deal with people like Rainbow Dash who don’t have or

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