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Challenge #02404-F214: The Nature of the Beast

Humans have DETERMINATION in spades, monsters have magic... what about werewolves? What happens when a human contracts lycanthropy? Are they the key to turning DETERMINATION into magic, or vice versa? -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Welp. Definitely not earning anything from this year's anthology]

Legends tell of a Monster with a Human SOUL. By the light of the full moon, the Human body transforms into that of a Monster, but there are terrible differences... this new Monster has no magic, and still harbours hatred and violence in their all-too-Human heart. All Monsterkind must be wary of these creatures... and of course they must be wary of causing them, too.

If a Monster bites a Human, and the Human survives the encounter, that Human is at risk of becoming... a werewolf. Perhaps this change is because Dog Monsters most often make the mistake of using bite attacks. Nobody has done documented research on the matter because werewolves are universally dangerous. Monster SOULs need love, hope, and compassion to exist.

Human SOULs can exist without any of those. Therefore the Monster that is a werewolf is the most monstrous Monster in all of existence. Any existing traits in a Human SOUL are amplified when that Human is in their Monster form. Though their SOULs cannot be absorbed by a Monster in this state, they can use Monster SOULs to perform magnified deeds. It is imperative that no Monster ever uses a bite attack against a Human...

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Challenge #01960-E136: Playing With Alice

The lines of reality cross and a childhood print character is in our world. -- Anon Guest

Be careful what you wish for, they say. They know what they are saying. They've had to fight this sort of thing before.

But nevertheless, now that magic has returned to the world, some wishes have power. Some words are uttered in full faith. At the right time. On the right leylines. With the correct pose. On the correct night.

Star light, star bright, the

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Challenge #01952-E128: Transformative Love

Fan fiction, some of it heartbreakingly brilliant, some of it so badly written you wonder if they ever even saw the original series. But glued to their devices they tap out their allegiance to people or beings who are imaginary. -- Anon Guest

The Archive of Transformative Works is a subset of the Archivaas Conglomerate. Those who strive to preserve everything humanity or intelligent life has created. Even the worst that a barely creative mind has to offer. It is oppressively huge.

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Challenge #01949-E125: Naked Without it

Pointy hats! There are the black, with a brim witch's model, the sparkly and starred wizard or wizzard's, the upside down ice cream cone with a floaty veil princess model and the plain paper cone with a big "D" for dunce. -- Knitnan

[AN: I don't think the D-cap existed outside of the Victorian Era]

You couldn't deny he was a wizard. The hat was a huge give-away. It made his full, wizarding height two feet taller and he changed it in

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Challenge #01947-E123: Loose End Tied

"Never, ever empty this person's pockets again!" referencing Harpo Marx, Sergeant Constantine Bothari, and any JOAT! -- Anon Guest

Okay, now I've fucked up, thought Taako, transmutation wizard extraordinaire. Crew-member of the Starblaster. Multi-dimensional traveller. One of the Seven Birds of Prophecy. Member of the B.O.B. Best chef in all of Faerûn. Oh, and main squeeze of the Grim fucking Reaper. This thought came, of course, at half-consciousness as the not-so-stupid guards dragged him to the throne room of the

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Public holiday in the middle of the week!

Things are gonna get F'ed up. Guaranteed.

And speaking of firkin things up, I'm getting increasingly obsessed with one of my many Fanfic Ideas I call Look at This Strange Breed. BUT since I've only seen interest expressed in Crime and Punishment, I should probably do that first.


I'll see if I can finish SOMETHING I'm working on, today. Novel not counted. Not including this week, I've got ten weeks before I reach

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Challenge #01818-D357: Gifts For the Mages

Seasonal gift giving. Christmas, New Year, Solstice, whatever. -- Anon Guest

It wasn't the first time that they'd been rounded up for their own good. But it was the first time that this was done with compassion. The food was tolerable, the accomodations fair enough considering the volume. They were allowed to keep their wands and their stuff. And, more to the point, this was one of the few times that the twins received Candlenights gifts.

The labels were impersonal. For a

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One Thing We Got

[AN: Don't have very much to talk about this morning, so... have a finished fanfic I have just laying around.]

Disclaimer: Undertale and all characters therein belong to Toby Fox, who is frankly awesome. You did so good that I had to write fic. Also the Responsibility Arc belongs to and I fell in love with it.

AN: This story diverges after part three of said arc.

                                One Thing We've Got


Sans remembered how the world changed.

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(Have a random SPG lorefic that I finally finished yesterday)

Disclaimer: Steam Powered Giraffe is owned by David and Isabella Bennett... and possibly Sam Luke. I claim nothing but my own words below.

AN: Inspired by this post:




The Spine had expected to find Rabbit chatting to Ma and Pappy's gravestones. After three wars[1], it was strange to think that Rabbit would not understand what death was. And yet... Rabbit kept

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The Pact

Disclaimer: Steam Powered Giraffe belongs entirely to Isabella and David Bennett, as well as Sam Luke, Steve Negrete, and anyone else they draft into their dramatic musical shenanigans. I just write fic based entirely off my own loony ideas. Please don't nick what little I have.

AN: SPOILER ALERT! This fic contains massive spoilers for, and wild-arse head-cannons inspired by, Steam Powered Giraffe's magnificent album, The Vice Quadrant: A Space Opera. Read no further if you don't wish to be spoiled or

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Ever since the second time I listened through Vice Quadrant, I have had rampant plotbunnies for an epic fanfic.

Fret not! I concentrate on my Instants, my novel, and some other upcoming features first. But in my spare moments, I've been working on this fic until my wrists start to ache.

I expect to be away most of the day, so please enjoy the start of something good.

Addendum: Crossed lines again. I'm actually running around tomorrow. I get to write more

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O What a Beautiful Morning

[AN: This is bonus content for giggles. Thanks to bee-the-gatekeeper for the idea of the bots versus their human counterparts. And thanks to whoever gave me the idea of switching my wake-up music to One Way Ticket just as I was starting to get tired of Hatch Fever (heresy!). And now I headcannon the bots as Very Annoying Morning People]

4:35 AM

The first light of dawn delicately kissed the horizon. Any minute, now, the Walter Manor Wake-Alarm would sound.


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Challenge #00855-B124: One Dark and Stormy Evening in an Abandoned Subterranean Clank Lab

“Listen carefully,” they said. “This is absolutely true and not at all a desperate lie.”

Click-clack-clunk. “Previous data indicates that the organic will now lie. Subject… asks… that you do not.”

The human invader paused. “All right. Fine. I don’t want to be trapped in here.”

“Neither do I,” said Subject. “Subject wants… I need… my creator.“

Now the human narrowed their eyes. “You’re not the average clank… are you?”

looked down at the

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In-a With-a While-a


Okay, so I’m supposed to be doing a Uni assignment and studying for a test, but stuff it.

I haven’t written much lately, partly due to a lack of time and inspiration, and partly because I realised I was horrible at writing actual characters, as opposed to events.  Everybody I ever created ended up being either wooden or apparently suffering from MPD, and when I stole someone for a fanfic, they came across very OOC.

According to my notes

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Gunship Diplomacy


And this is the only piece of fiction I’ve written since then that I’ve saved as worth reading. That may be hubris, but give it a go.

I wrote my first fanfic in forever back when The Mandate was having its kickstarter. I banged out a little script-format tiny fanfic drabble while I was supposed to be getting my place ready for RPG night, and posted it. So far as I know it - or its original script version,

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