Challenge #02404-F214: The Nature of the Beast

Humans have DETERMINATION in spades, monsters have magic... what about werewolves? What happens when a human contracts lycanthropy? Are they the key to turning DETERMINATION into magic, or vice versa? -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Welp. Definitely not earning anything from this year's anthology]

Legends tell of a Monster with a Human SOUL. By the light of the full moon, the Human body transforms into that of a Monster, but there are terrible differences... this new Monster has no magic, and still harbours hatred and violence in their all-too-Human heart. All Monsterkind must be wary of these creatures... and of course they must be wary of causing them, too.

If a Monster bites a Human, and the Human survives the encounter, that Human is at risk of becoming... a werewolf. Perhaps this change is because Dog Monsters most often make the mistake of using bite attacks. Nobody has done documented research on the matter because werewolves are universally dangerous. Monster SOULs need love, hope, and compassion to exist.

Human SOULs can exist without any of those. Therefore the Monster that is a werewolf is the most monstrous Monster in all of existence. Any existing traits in a Human SOUL are amplified when that Human is in their Monster form. Though their SOULs cannot be absorbed by a Monster in this state, they can use Monster SOULs to perform magnified deeds. It is imperative that no Monster ever uses a bite attack against a Human...

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