Two wee sleekit beasties, now

Beloved wasn't just gassing about getting that second cat. We wanted one with the same rough age as our new kitty, now christened Pippi.

[Shown here: A black and white kitten with white spats, one white sock, and a white blaze on her neck and chest]

Say 'hello' to my little friend. This is the kitten I've been working for for so long. It's been nineteen weeks she's been alive, and it's been nineteen weeks we've been working on the Kitty Kondo(tm)

The chase for a second kitty had Beloved wanting a unique little kitten, and they had their heart set on some female ginger kittens but they were either too far away (Cairns!) or taken by the time we got there.

Finally, we found a new little friend care of SCAR - the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge up at Sippy Creek.

[Shown here, a white and black kitten with black ear markings and tail, and blotchy black blobs on her back]

Say 'hello' to my Beloved's little friend, Jolie. She's nine weeks old, but that should not matter in the long term. They've had 24 hours to get used to each other and though Pippi is still hissing, they're getting closer and closer.

Turn around in two weeks and they'll be in a purr puddle and grooming each other. You watch.

Today, we're adding a little lattice to the big junction box, because both tiny kitties can squiggle out of there. It's squiggle-proof soon. It just needs a few (hundred) staples and all will be well.

Kitties are delightful, of course. The day spent out getting Jolie was a day that Mayhem bonded with my dang cat. So now I'm planning a day bonding with my dang cat.

But first - a tale. Coming soon.