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Challenge #03922-J270: Sole Area of Genius

"How often do we have to go through this? I love you, you silly furball, but do NOT try sniff at my cactus! I don't HAVE any shelves higher and I'm tired of pulling thorns from your nose!" -- Anon Guest

Some cats, every cat person knows, reserve their brain cells for specific purposes. When it comes to that specific area of expertise, they're absolute little fluffy geniuses. For everything else... their brains may well be made of sawdust.

Case in point, a Ginger tabby named Barnabus. Affectionately known as "short bus" to his human, Jamie, for reasons that quickly become obvious the longer you get to know the little fluffy maniac. This is a cat who startles when said human turns on the light at night because he's surprised by his sudden shadow.

This is a cat who loses his food bowl when he kicks his mess mat over the top of it. A cat who can literally get lost in a paper bag. His singular genius, however, is in finding ways to smell Jamie's cactus. Which, as smarter minds know, is a very bad idea.

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Challenge #03633-I345: Really Big Softy

A Human has a pair of massive Maine Coon cats. They're gentle, fluffy, and HUGE. Needless to say, until they get to know the felines, some Havenworlders are terrified. The poor things are rescue cats from a cruel Deregger who had them declawed. -- Anon Guest

The Human had a pair of predators as pets. Because of course a Human saw nothing wrong with keeping predators in their habitat. Deathworlders. They were all the same. Right up to claiming their carnivorous beasts

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Challenge #03433-I145: Congratulations on Your New Cat

They decide to keep the cat, the poor kitten needs them, this is obvious, and raise it. Though learning to raise such an animal was a bit of a learning curve. However, they found it quite protective of them, and very comforting on days when things were ... difficult. -- Anon Guest

When the Humans encounter something small, usually a serving of food, they tend to say, "It's a shame to take it away from its mother.

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Challenge #03290-I002: Hello, You Are Mine

An ordinary kitten: adorable, cuddly, and gentle, is following a Havenworlder around everywhere. Every time the Havenworlder sits down, the kitten is trying to climb into the feathers or hide under them. Once there, the kitten starts purring, glad for the comfort since the Mama cat is nowhere to be found, and they had searched a lot. What's a person to do? -- Anon Guest

Podargian Wutu settled onto a public perch and once again boggled as the tiny baby predator clambered

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Two wee sleekit beasties, now

Beloved wasn't just gassing about getting that second cat. We wanted one with the same rough age as our new kitty, now christened Pippi.

[Shown here: A black and white kitten with white spats, one white sock, and a white blaze on her neck and chest]

Say 'hello' to my little friend. This is the kitten I've been working for for so long. It's been nineteen weeks she's been alive, and it's been nineteen weeks we've been working on the Kitty Kondo(

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Challenge #02125-E296: Inside, Outside

two cats discovering their owner has a secure cat enclosure instead of letting them roam free -- Anon Guest

It was a good life. Thingone and Thingtwo agreed. Plenty of warm spaces. Lots of nice food. Halls to have a good rumpus up and down. Furniture, especially, to scramble up, down, into, out of, and under. The only thing missing was the world outside the windows. No matter how they howled and yowled to be allowed to play with the birds, their

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Challenge #02080-E256: Station Cats

what would be a "normal" day for a cat in a space-station? -- Anon Guest

[AN: I originally thought - normal pet cat or Skitty? And then I thought... why not both?]


The day begins with the rude noise as Elith's Feedme[1] stirs in their sleep nook. Elith used her claws to show mild displeasure at having her own rest disturbed by the movement of the Feedme. Not that she could stop the bald, two-legged creature. Feedmes were much bigger

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Challenge #01920-E096: Cometh the Postman

Humans are social creatures. Even the solitary ones. - MolluscsAndMonsters

Humans like me have a saying: No man is an island. Or words to that effect. And... they're right. Even antisocial assholes like me need to brush shoulders with other cogniscents now and again.

But that's why I have the mail run to the cul-de-sac strings. You get wormhole chains like those. Places where it's ten or more jumps to any nexus, anywhere, and the places along the trip are the places

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Challenge #01833-E009: Revenge is Purring

If you truly hate someone give them a baby bear. Comment from Historical source. Nobody mentioned Bears just get big. But what if you give them a pregnant female house cat? -- Anon Guest

Across societies, across worlds, there are things that could be counted as gifts - but definitely aren't. Drum kits for the hated one's children. A bear cub. A baby ape. A dragon's egg. All of those and more can only be called trouble. And then there is the

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Challenge #01639-D178: Unexpected Co-resident

What to do when a 'Skitty' decides Your space is a nice place to live. -- Knitnan

There was a cat sharing his sleep nook. Curled up in the crook of his knees and purring loud enough to simulate a malfunctioning cooling fan. It was the same cat that came into his domicile every evening and Cal gently but insistently shoved out of his doorway before retiring to bed.

He had no idea why this was happening to him. Some folks fed

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Challenge #01511-D050: This House is Not Haunted "I just turned to my housemate and said, “y’know, we’d never know if we were haunted” because we have four cats between us, so every clunk, bump, and crash gets entirely ignored and now I want a movie about a ghost becoming increasingly desperate to haunt a family but they have cats and so the poor dear goes completely ignored" -- Gallifreya

I was, once.

Nothing more than that. Simply that I was, once.

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Challenge #01386-C291: Anti-serendipity

"What happened to the scarf of invulnerability?"

"Uh... my cat ate it." -- OohLookShiny

The cat in question growled from its position under the ottoman. Yellow eyes glowed out from the shadows.

"The good news," said Ki'van, "is that the scarf itself is invulnerable. We... um... just have to wait a bit."

Now the growling from under the ottoman took on a slightly musical quality. So... the cat wasn't just pissed at him.

"I know she'll try to take my arm off

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iliveforthefantasy: panda2296: musingsofaramblerrr: Hello? Little human? Okay I kiss you now. Fun fact: the cat is checking the baby's...




Hello? Little human? Okay I kiss you now.

Fun fact: the cat is checking the baby’s mouth to see if it is still breathing. Were it not breathing, the cat would commence to eat it.


Fun Fact: The one article I could find about a cat owner being eaten after their death also mentions a pet dog on the premises.

Fun fact: if cats were interested in eating humans, they would also lick up any spilled

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