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Challenge #02404-F214: The Nature of the Beast

Humans have DETERMINATION in spades, monsters have magic... what about werewolves? What happens when a human contracts lycanthropy? Are they the key to turning DETERMINATION into magic, or vice versa? -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Welp. Definitely not earning anything from this year's anthology]

Legends tell of a Monster with a Human SOUL. By the light of the full moon, the Human body transforms into that of a Monster, but there are terrible differences... this new Monster has no magic, and still harbours hatred and violence in their all-too-Human heart. All Monsterkind must be wary of these creatures... and of course they must be wary of causing them, too.

If a Monster bites a Human, and the Human survives the encounter, that Human is at risk of becoming... a werewolf. Perhaps this change is because Dog Monsters most often make the mistake of using bite attacks. Nobody has done documented research on the matter because werewolves are universally dangerous. Monster SOULs need love, hope, and compassion to exist.

Human SOULs can exist without any of those. Therefore the Monster that is a werewolf is the most monstrous Monster in all of existence. Any existing traits in a Human SOUL are amplified when that Human is in their Monster form. Though their SOULs cannot be absorbed by a Monster in this state, they can use Monster SOULs to perform magnified deeds. It is imperative that no Monster ever uses a bite attack against a Human...

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Challenge #01885-E061: Motivation

Undyne tried to get Sans to spar with her. -- TheDragonsFlame

Sans slept like the dead. If you'd pardon the pun, because he was in fact a living skeleton. Only one thing could wake him up and that was the smell of ketchup on a warm hotdog. He leaned towards it, only to have it lift away. By the time he was sitting up, his eyes were open and he could see Undyne with one of the best hot dogs in the

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Challenge #01399-C304: Home Again, Home Again

Skelebro(s?) coming to collect Frisk from interdimensional adventures -- Anon Guest

"Look, this kid belongs to somebody, Wander. We've been through this."

Wander was doing his puppy-eyes again. "I know, Sylvia... but just look at hir. Ze's so cute..."

Frisk signed, I knew I shouldn't have worn the tutu today, but ze signed it to beings who did not understand hir. Once again, actions spoke louder than sign language.

"...there ya are, kiddo."

Frisk shrieked a tiny noise of glee and

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Challenge #01397-C302: Weird Encounters

Frisk Meets....

1) The Mystery Skulls

2) Scooby Doo -- Anon Guest

[AN: This puts the gap count down to ONE. Also, I'm assuming you mean the Mystery Skulls of MSA]


Frisk signed, You're new. Hello.

The formally-dressed Skeleton in front of hir glared down at the child. He was apparently nodding to a beat that Frisk couldn't hear. He didn't speak, and that could be because he didn't have a lower jaw.

Frisk tried offering him some monster food. A

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Challenge #01325-C230: An Everyday Misadventure


Image: Frisk carrying papyrus bridal style, apparently running. Papyrus seems surprised and confused "Papyrus deserves to be carried around like princess that he is." -- Gallifreya

"NYA-HA-HOW-OW-OW!" Papyrus rolled into a sitting position on the field, clutching at his left boot. A floating number indicated that he had taken quite a few points off his total HP.

Frisk instantly stopped playing and ran to their friend. They signed, Do you need help?

"The Great Papyrus

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Challenge #01304-C209: Saturday Sloth


Vine of old cartoon from 1940s.

knocking on door

Detective: Who's there?

Door opens

Skeleton, walking through door: A skeleton. -- Gallifreya

Frisk Dreemur (happily adopted) hadn't been thinking of much more than a Saturday in their pyjamas and watching ancient cartoons. Thanks to Mama Toriel, there was plenty for breakfast. And possibly lunch.

Gone were the days when Frisk would eagerly devour a cooked water sausage. With or without a bun. And those days were gone

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Challenge #01275-C180: Skeleton Shenanigans

1) Captain Tim's best day ever

2) Pick a skeleton character and dump them in the universe of another skeleton character -- Gallifreya

[AN: this should take the gap count down to 9]


Something was different, this morning. Usually, Captain Tim awoke to the sound of the snooze button being pressed and found the room empty. But this time the hated Zbornak was there. So of course he pounced. And bit. And shredded. It had to be sheer luck that she

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Challenge #01225-C130: Monster in my Room

1) http://haberdashing.tumblr.com/post/142984148989/hot-bunns-3-am-thoughts

2) Branching off the above prompt - Pick a fandom and set one character as the monster under the bed/in the wardrobe --Gallifreya


Every child gets a monster. An ancient contract, written in blood. Paid in teeth. They stay until the child is strong enough to care for themselves.

Some... never leave.

They are the monsters for the people who are particularly vulnerable. The people with one foot each in two

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Challenge #01213-C118: Talking it Out

Therapy ghosts! -- Gallifreya

[AN: This prompt harkens back to the second half of story #01176, Free Spirits. But you know I'm not going to go further with that one]

Someone was in his usual hiding spot. One of the more corporeal monsters. A skeleton. A tiny little kid. And they were crying to themself.

Happstablook remained invisible as he crept closer. This kid was crying. Not the loud crying that demanded attention, but the silent kind that would not go away,

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Challenge #01170-C075: A Steep Learning Curve



http://jyushimastsu.tumblr.com/post/133888975578/this-post-is-all-i-ever-needed-clic-on-it-holy -- Gallifreya


It was a comfortable domestic scene, despite the fact that it was happening inside a mansion. Sans lounged and dozed on the softest couch by the tepid fire as Toriel carefully brushed and combed Frisk's hair.

Frisk was loving it, Sans could tell. The way they leaned into every single caring touch was a dead give-away.

And then Toriel said it. "I think it

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Challenge #01169-C074: Frisk Saves


Frisk, the oblivious senpai - Gallifreya

It was a joke, of sorts, amongst the students of New New Home Comprehensive School[1]. Frisk saves... and resets to make sure things turn out all right.

But as the only Ambassador amongst the integrated students... the joke turned out to be accurate. Sometimes, chillingly so.

Human kids, allegedly present to foster a sense of belonging and understanding, tended to be horribly cruel to the monster kids at the

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Challenge #01168-C073: One Fine Summer Afternoon in a Monster's Backyard


Bathtime with the blasters -- Gallifreya

[AN: There are so many headcannons wandering around Tumblr about the Gaster Blasters (Spoilers: They are only seen in the No Mercy run when you fight Sans) but the core of this one is that Papyrus can summon Blasters, but they're cat skulls]

There were two words that Papyrus' Blasters hated the most.

"Bath time!"

And, as summonable creatures, there was little they could do about it. Not that they

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Challenge #01166-C071: How to Calm an Overstimulated Ambassador

"Settle down. Pull up a highness." -- Gallifreya

It had been an exciting day for Frisk. More excitement than their small body could hold. And so it sloshed out of them in the form of bubbling giggles and jittery dancing and jumping and buzzing hands.

Important people were slowly learning to negotiate with the Ambassador for Monsterkind before laying on the entertainment and treats. And this lot had yet to learn that very important lesson.

Frisk could not, yet, stop. They had

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Challenge #01164-C069: Aftertales

1) Sans losing control of his powers when Toriel kisses him - at least the first time. Nothing drastic, but he might send his mug or pie shooting across the room, or literally float off the ground in a daze. A tiny Gaster skull appears and its mouth sags open as it gently drifts to the ground with hearts in its eyes.

Does Toriel know about his power levels? She might now.

2) Has anyone ever seen anything where someone pretends to

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Challenge #01136-C039: Skinny Said He'd be There

"There's something fishy about all this..."

"Oh that's just Undyne!" -- Gallifreya

[AN: I think MobTale fits this prompt the best]

"He said he'd be here," said Papyrus.

"Your pal says lots of things," rumbled Sans. "You sure he's on the up and up?"

Papyrus smiled. "Of course he is. He's responsible for the training that got Undyne to notice me. I trust him with my life."

"Do you trust him with the kid's life?" said Undyne. She was wearing her battle

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