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Challenge #01136-C039: Skinny Said He'd be There

"There's something fishy about all this..."

"Oh that's just Undyne!" -- Gallifreya

[AN: I think MobTale fits this prompt the best]

"He said he'd be here," said Papyrus.

"Your pal says lots of things," rumbled Sans. "You sure he's on the up and up?"

Papyrus smiled. "Of course he is. He's responsible for the training that got Undyne to notice me. I trust him with my life."

"Do you trust him with the kid's life?" said Undyne. She was wearing her battle armour and surveying the street corner with her remaining eye.

Frisk, held under her elbow like a sack of flour, squirmed and peeved.

"I don't think they like being held like that," said Sans.

"What do you know? Humans can withstand all kinds of hardships."

"Frisk likes hugs."

"I'm not a hugger," growled Undyne. Nevertheless, she thrust the human child at Papyrus. "You are."

Frisk clung to Papyrus like a limpet.

"He's late," announced Sans. "If he shows, kid, you tap my shoulder if it's the bad guy."

Frisk nodded, and began to yawn.

"I'll wake you if he shows up," whispered Papyrus. "Nighty night, little human."

Hours past in damp, dark silence. The only action that happened was an alley cat going about its business, tail held high.

"...something smells fishy about all of this," muttered Sans.

"Oh, that's just Undyne," cheered Papyrus.

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Challenge #01133-C036: In the Wee Small Hours...

Sans and the Gaster Blasters -- Gallifreya

Sans barely stopped his Gaster Blasters from incinerating his baby brother. "Geez, bro, don't scare me like that..."

"Puppy," cooed Papyrus, age four. "Is this why you said I couldn't have a dog?"

"Uh..." said Sans. "More like... the dogs have their own homes to go to."

"Can I pet 'em?"

"Look. Kid. It really takes an effort to..." he trailed off, looking into those pleading, puppy-dog eyesockets. Sans surrendered to his marshmallow soul. "Sure.

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Challenge #01127-C030: One Rainy Afternoon in a Charity Depot -- Gallifreya

The storm had soaked them all to the point where they needed something clean, dry and fresh. Luckily the depot they were using as a shelter had plenty.

Sans, Frisk, and Papyrus each excused themselves to undress and at least put some pants on [Frisk insisted on privacy to pull on an oversized, striped turtleneck] and then wrestled with whatever topwear they had found.

Sans, of course, was never happier than when he

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Challenge #01125-C028: Angels in the Alley

!!!!! -- Gallifreya

Don't go to the Underground. Bad things happen to you if you go there. Especially if you are the bad thing. It's where the mobster monsters rule the grimy streets.

It's said that they eat human children.

Five had gone into the tunnel to Monster Mountain. None had been found again.

Frisk had run because there was nowhere left to run to. Even the worst of the bullies would not follow. The Underground

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