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Challenge #01304-C209: Saturday Sloth

Vine of old cartoon from 1940s.

knocking on door

Detective: Who's there?

Door opens

Skeleton, walking through door: A skeleton. -- Gallifreya

Frisk Dreemur (happily adopted) hadn't been thinking of much more than a Saturday in their pyjamas and watching ancient cartoons. Thanks to Mama Toriel, there was plenty for breakfast. And possibly lunch.

Gone were the days when Frisk would eagerly devour a cooked water sausage. With or without a bun. And those days were gone for the monsters, too. Nobody regretted the change and Dunkle Sans was the only one who actually enjoyed those things anyway.

Sometimes, Frisk swore, he only ate them to gross people out.

But this morning, Dunkle Sans was napping on the couch, and Frisk was more interested in their MonPad tablet and the games therein than what was going on on the television.

Knocking happened, at the moment. And a bulldog dressed like a detective gave the classic feed line. "Who's there?"

Frisk glanced up in time to see a skeleton let itself in, shrug, and announce itself as, "A skeleton," almost apologetically.

"...that is not how the joke works," said Dunkle Sans, emerging from his assumed minor coma on the couch. "...and why are they naked?"

Frisk turned to sign, It's an old cartoon from the dawn of time. They didn't know how jokes worked back then. And, as an afterthought, they added, And they didn't know how skeletons dressed back then, either.

Dunkle Sans' eye sockets were dark. His permanent grin had flattened out. " shouldn't be watching this filth, kid... it's bad for ya."

Frisk dutifully dug the remote out of the pillows and blankets of their nest and did some channel flipping. It was surprising what could be offensive now that monsters were back in the sunshine.

Scooby Doo. Perfect. The monsters were always grownups in disguise, trying to make money off of people. And the animation was so bad that even Dunkle Sans laughed at it.

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Challenge #01127-C030: One Rainy Afternoon in a Charity Depot -- Gallifreya

The storm had soaked them all to the point where they needed something clean, dry and fresh. Luckily the depot they were using as a shelter had plenty.

Sans, Frisk, and Papyrus each excused themselves to undress and at least put some pants on [Frisk insisted on privacy to pull on an oversized, striped turtleneck] and then wrestled with whatever topwear they had found.

Sans, of course, was never happier than when he

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Challenge #01119-C022: Love Therapy

After The End, Flowey is brought to the surface too in a little flowerpot. Frisk totes him around everywhere. It's like Lilo and Stitch with more ambassadorial responsibilities. -- Gallifreya

Frisk went to bed in the police station, after the Emergence Event, in a police department T-shirt and empty-handed. When they came for them in the morning, they had a flowerpot and a talking buttercup.

There was a reason Frisk's foster families had complained about escapes, but lacked proof.

One of the

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Challenge #01103-C006: That Which is Lost

They were at least the person's equal now, and with a three-nil record in killing them. If only they'd stop coming back, more insane each time, so they wouldn't have to do it again. They had admired them, once. -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Oooooh, nice. First totally gender-neutral prompt EVER. Well done]

Before the fall...

Chara was the friend only Frisk could see. The year that Frisk stopped talking, Chara could hear their thoughts. Chara couldn't eat or drink, or make messes. They

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Challenge #01069-B337: Out in the Rain

The Underground residents and Weather. -- Gallifreya

They were all clustered together inside the nearest police station. Mostly, clustered around Frisk in a protective and comforting manner. The cluster of monsters tightened a little as the ceiling made a noise.

"W-w-what is that?" quavered Alphys.

Frisk signed, Rain.

"I saw that in your animes," whispered Undyne. "Clear water just... falls out of the sky." She grinned widely. "I have got to see this!"

The monsters swarmed out into the parking lot. Even

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Challenge #01068-B336: A Reason to Sing

Sans, you have a lovely singing voice! -- Gallifreya

[AN: This prompt references this fan mix of a song called Drop Pop Candy. CAUTION: That song is an ear-worm. Do not listen until you have something that trumps everything.]

Sans hadn't realised he was singing out loud until Frisk began clapping. He hadn't been in a mood to sing since... O Gods... since the first time they had escaped the underground. So many resets ago.

It had been over a year. Things.

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Challenge #01067-B335: They've Been Hiding up There For Ages

Frisk the undisputed monarch of hide and seek (and massive troll) -- Gallifreya

One thing the files said about Frisk, was that if they didn't want to be found, the seeker would never find them.

One rather malevolent foster parent called the police to search for them, and the child just spontaneously turned up in the rear of a squad car. With a friend who was not so good at

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Challenge #01066-B334: Touch Feast

You mentioned Frisk being tactile - so they probably don't mind at all if the monsters take every opportunity to pick them up, carry them around, hug them or hold them (and one time pretend to suplex them) -- Gallifreya

The first thing people noticed about Frisk was their silence. The second thing they noticed, assuming they got past the silence, was that Frisk was rarely out of the arms of a monster.

It didn't matter which one. Whatever came along to

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Challenge #01065-B333: Santa Claws

The Santa Suit in King Fluffybuns' wardrobe. -- Gallifreya

The first rays of Christmas morning lit the snow with gold. This was a day of magic. A day of miracles. And the best miracle was that Frisk had a family now.

Mom Toriel and Dunkle Sans. And Uncle Papyrus. And Aunties Undyne and Alphys. And a whole host of others who would be sharing the feast at the Really Big table.

The grin on Frisk's head wouldn't go away. Their breathless giggles

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Challenge #01063-B331: The Ambassador... the Hat

A skeleton looks much less scary with a small child sitting on their shoulders/draped over their skull -- Gallifreya

The monsters had not waited for permission to build. A new city sprang up on and around Mount Ebott. Practically overnight. Replete with paved roads, plumbing, and all the amenities. They certainly did not wait to celebrate their freedom.

And they invited the humans to come join them.

Some came expecting to be scared. Officer Honicutt came to make certain that the

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Challenge #01061-B329: First Impressions

The large, intimidating and scary... King Fluffybuns -- Gallifreya

Authorities were still trying to lure the silent Frisk away from the gathered monsters. Frisk had worn themselves out trying to tell them that the monsters were her friends.

Now they were just clinging to the nearest leg for comfort.

Toriel patted her head. "I know, my child," she soothed. "It is very hard to convince them. Humans do tend to judge by appearances. Have no fear. They will understand."

And then, the

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Challenge #01037-B305: Slow Acceptance

Monsters making their first steps (and missteps) on the surface -- Gallifreya

[AN: Potential spoilers for the True Ending of the game ahoy.]

The Great Papyrus strode masterfully towards the humans. Just down the path, he could see an absolute host of humans having picnics in a park.

The perfect venue for a Welcome Out party! They must have known!

He burst from relative concealment and threw his hands up high. "Good news, Humans! The Underground is now able to come and

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Challenge #01036-B304: After the Game is Over


Human Kid and life with the Skelebros. -- Gallifreya

[AN: I am endeavouring to keep my post-play Papyton shipping entirely to myself. Also kind'a headcannoning that Frisk is a voluntary mute]

Papyrus was so trusting. He just charged in ahead where more sensible monsters would fear to tread. Toriel and Frisk caught up with him in the middle of... well... a Scene.

Picnickers at the foot of Mount Ebott were screaming. Children cowered by their parents. Someone, soon, would level a

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