Challenge #01063-B331: The Ambassador... the Hat

A skeleton looks much less scary with a small child sitting on their shoulders/draped over their skull -- Gallifreya

The monsters had not waited for permission to build. A new city sprang up on and around Mount Ebott. Practically overnight. Replete with paved roads, plumbing, and all the amenities. They certainly did not wait to celebrate their freedom.

And they invited the humans to come join them.

Some came expecting to be scared. Officer Honicutt came to make certain that the human ambassador - the nonverbal Frisk - was not in any way being mistreated. Frisk had a rather thick folder of paperwork for one so young. Always passed over for adoption. First, because they were a sickly baby, and then because they did not act like a normal child.

But then... other normal children had vanished on the slopes of Mount Ebott, never to be seen again.

And oddly enough, the monsters kindly repatriated their bodies. Replete with apologies about what had happened.

Honicutt was also there to make sure that violence did not break out between the humans and the monsters. The monsters were peaceful enough, that was plainly evident, but humans?

They had never liked to share.

The celebrations had turned into a fairground, with rides and puzzles. Diversions to entertain all comers. Including a hot dog stand run by a dozing skeleton.

The other skeleton had to be around somewhere.

There he was. Well over six feet tall and throwing bones at a moving target... which resembled a buttercup for some reason. The humans watching him were completely at ease and the ambassador was the reason why.

Frisk was perched calmly on Papyrus' shoulders, tapping their hands on the bare, bony skull.

It was the only time in their entire life that Frisk was actively smiling. Even a few laughs escaped them.

"Top points," droned what appeared to be a wobbly cat in a cardboard hat. "The skeleton wins the big prize."

Frisk said, "Ah!" and pointed to a truly garish thing that could not exist in reality. Not even the new reality that included monsters.

"The human wants that one," interpreted Papyrus. "And the Great Papyrus has already aimed to please."

Giggles from Frisk.

The fluffy toy, once transferred, was bigger than Frisk was. It became a companion on Papyrus' shoulders. Then another hat. And a cushion for Frisk's arms.

Honicutt watched the effect this had on the visiting humans. It was amazing. The monster most likely to scare or disturb wandering humans had a pacifying effect on everyone around him. And it might not just be the presence of a small child on his shoulders.

"Officer Honicutt, we meet again. Are you on duty or off duty?"

"I'm... not exactly on the clock. Why?"

"I was going to offer you a Nice Cream. But if you are on duty, then I, the Great Papyrus, will not distract an officer from their rounds. I was once going to be part of the Royal Guard. You do important work, protecting your fellow humans from... er... what threatens humans, again?"

Honicutt sighed. "Usually, other humans."

Papyrus boggled. "How can that be? You're only one kind. Monsters have hundreds of kinds and we hardly ever make trouble for each other."

She shrugged. "Call it a special kind of genius," she allowed. "Maybe Frisk can teach us how they did it." She peeked up at the child. "When they wake up."

Papyrus juggled Frisk into his arms, using the gigantic, garish toy as a pillow. "Human... Frisk. At least stay awake until I get you back to your Mom?"

Frisk shook themselves into semi-wakefulness. Blinked almost back into slumber.

"I'll escort you," offered Honicutt. "That kid is half-past ready for bedtime."

"And then, Nice Cream?"

What the hell. It was a party. "Yeah. Sure."

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