Fun times ahead

Friendo is super effective at getting me motivated. The majority of an entire arm of the kitchen countertop has been sorted in the space of a few hours, when its daunting expanse of assorted scrattle had intimidated me to the extreme, previously.

I have the hoarder's edition of OCD - which means (a) I never throw anything out (b) I tend to leave things where they lie, and (c) doing anything to fix it requires at least one person to keep me in line. It's a degree of emotionally taxing, to wrest cleanliness out of the usual marches of pile.

What I need to do is get in the habit of maintaining a level of clean, so I never have to fret about the piles again. In theory, this resolution works, but it does tend to battle against my spoon levels. After a big day of cooking (like Christmas and birthdays) I tend to leave the mess "for later" and no angelic housemate lifts that burden. And then... pile happens.

No more leaving things "for now". They get firkin sorted. Even if I have to make livelier people do the sorting for me.

That's going to be in my new years' resolutions. Keep. Things. Sorted.

Meanwhile, I have to purchase the remainder of the Yule feast, unmuckle the kitchen, re-do the floors, and make a start on unbuggering the laundry room.

I'm confident that at least the Yule feast will turn out well.

For now? I do as much writing as I can plausibly cram in, and wait the dreaded awakenings of Friendo and family.