Challenge #01069-B337: Out in the Rain

The Underground residents and Weather. -- Gallifreya

They were all clustered together inside the nearest police station. Mostly, clustered around Frisk in a protective and comforting manner. The cluster of monsters tightened a little as the ceiling made a noise.

"W-w-what is that?" quavered Alphys.

Frisk signed, Rain.

"I saw that in your animes," whispered Undyne. "Clear water just... falls out of the sky." She grinned widely. "I have got to see this!"

The monsters swarmed out into the parking lot. Even Toriel left Frisk under the eves to feel the cold drops of moisture coming out of the air.

Undyne started dancing in it. So did Papyrus and Alphys. Toriel laughed just to feel it and quickly resumed watching over Frisk.

"Does this happen every day?" she asked.

Frisk shrugged and added, Lots of days. Not all the time.

"Oh, it is wonderful..." sighed Toriel.

Sans had just laid down in the middle of the parking lot, laughing at the sky with liquid pooling in and pouring out of his eye sockets. Well. It sounded like laughing. It could have been something in the vicinity of tears.

I worry about him, Frisk signed.

"I, too, worry about him," whispered Toriel. "I get the feeling that he has been very sad for a very long time."

You should give him lots of hugs, signed Frisk. He might like that.

Toriel blushed through her fur. "That may be a wise idea."

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