So much to do... so many nibbles

I have a bad habit of leaving things until they enrage me enough to take care of it. Sure, I can summon the energy to do it all in one fair swoop, or a decent imitation of most of it, but it costs me a lot of spoons for a majority of the following week.

What I need to do is keep nibbling at the mountain.

I can wear it down in small bites and maintain the general state of things. A combination of good habits and constant nibbling will take the mess - eventually - down to a sustainable minimum.

And, like the hell of a bird mentioned by the good Doctor, I will get there in the end.

I will certainly be enlisting my little darlings, and Beloved, to at least do some small things to contribute. The first battlefield is the kitchen/dining area. I maintain that, I get it to a nice equilibrium, and I can branch out to other things.

One thing I do know - I'm going to need a lot of cheap vinegar. It'll do my tiles and lino up a treat. And it will erode some patina that's been going on.

Meanwhile, I have to get some test results for Chaos and a consult about experts in the area (argh) AND get the book list AND put down some spare cash for shoes. And figure out how to get MeMum the mint plant she left behind...

Just. Gotta keep nibbling at it.

Bit by bit.

The same way I write a novel.