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Challenge #02250-F060: If You Want the Rainbow

A Havenworlder sees for the first time, a Rainbow on Earth. He tells his species and Earth becomes suddenly more attractive. -- Anon Guest

Rykki often wondered why she had come to Earth. There was something morbidly fascinating about the Deathworlder's cradle planet. As if going there could verify why the Humans had been so keen on leaving it. So far, Rykki's leading theory was - the weather.

It had been raining hard enough to frighten Rykki, but her guide, Human Joff, had assured her that this was 'pretty strong, but not the worst' that they had seen. Deathworlders. They made small business out of enormous things. The mere idea of some downfall worse than the one she was witnessing almost sent her into conniptions.

The rain eased off from its relentless assault on the roof windows. Eased off from falling audibly at all. Hints of sunshine started to light the precipitation in shades of gold. Human Joff smiled. "Aw yes. It's happening," they said.

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Focus Issues

I didn't art, yesterday. I barely had it together for the writing. Which took me all day.

Because shiny asshole elf plot bunny.

And shiny TAZ woobie fic with the boy detective that I'm holding off on until I hit the hump with the aforementioned asshole.

See what I mean about focus?

It's hit rainy season, so everything is well soaked. I want to spend a majority of my time holed up in a warm comfy place and napping the day away.

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By crikey it's hot

The temperature in my office is soaring up past the thirties1, but it's also a muggy heat for which the fans currently do nothing. Neither does the cooling unit in the front room.

So I went and had a summer napnap under the AC in my bedroom. For most of the day.

Today, I've started early so that I have half a hope of getting something useful done. And by 'useful', I mean "faffing about in photoshop" because I have plans

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Challenge #01069-B337: Out in the Rain

The Underground residents and Weather. -- Gallifreya

They were all clustered together inside the nearest police station. Mostly, clustered around Frisk in a protective and comforting manner. The cluster of monsters tightened a little as the ceiling made a noise.

"W-w-what is that?" quavered Alphys.

Frisk signed, Rain.

"I saw that in your animes," whispered Undyne. "Clear water just... falls out of the sky." She grinned widely. "I have got to see this!"

The monsters swarmed out into the parking lot. Even

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Muggy hot :P

Today's air is a fine oxygen soup, infused with ateu de perspiratiƓn, and the cries of all of those stuck without air conditioning.

As a Queenslander, I'm naturally equipped with the gills necessary to breathe the waterlogged atmosphere. Friendo is not faring so well in the moisture. She's more used to far dryer atmospheres. She's going back home, tomorrow. Into much clearer air.

She will be missed.

IF I had the money, there would be an extra little flat on our land.

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I discovered yesterday that the masses of water gathering around the uphill side of my house were due to masses of wet grass blocking the drains.

It was an education getting rid of that shit.

Mainly because the hound kept trying to fetch the sodden masses of grass as I chucked them onto the jungle lawn and then shaking off on me when he came back under shelter again.

Now that the grass is gone, the calf-deep puddles have drained away and

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Flip a coin

Weather in my neck of the woods has no middle gears. It’s either boiling or freezing. Soaking or bone-dry.

As I watch the flowing water encroaching on our house from the drainage ditch, I have to wonder why so many people are in denial about climate change.

Most of the denialists still call it “global warming” and I feel obligated to punch sense into the next person who denies global warming during a cold snap. But I digress.

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It's raining, it's pouring...

Every time we try to fix the house or our land, it effing pours with rain.

When we tried to fix the patio, it rained almost nonstop for two months and Southeast Queensland got flooded.

Now we’re fixing up Mayhem’s room, it’s pouring nonstop. For two weeks, now.

At least the drainage ditch is working and we don’t have a small swamp happening in the back of our house.

OTOH, we have miniature lakes

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