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I discovered yesterday that the masses of water gathering around the uphill side of my house were due to masses of wet grass blocking the drains.

It was an education getting rid of that shit.

Mainly because the hound kept trying to fetch the sodden masses of grass as I chucked them onto the jungle lawn and then shaking off on me when he came back under shelter again.

Now that the grass is gone, the calf-deep puddles have drained away and I’m feeling a little bit more confident than I did yesterday about our ability to survive this wet spell unmildewed.

I’m not so confident about the kids’ school’s unfloodedness though.

I’ve told the kids: if the water is anywhere near the bridge, today, I’m turning around and coming back home.

And BTW - the QLD government road closure site only covers main roads, not piddly back ones, so getting to and fro is going to be an adventure.



The last time this happened, I had to dash madly to the school to fetch the kids after a day already spent in and out of the rain. I got sick as a direct result.

Today, I’m hoping the weather calms the hell down so I don’t have to do that kind of thing again. Besides, I have plans to get the last of our quasi-useful packrattus up to St Vinnies.

Flip a coin

Weather in my neck of the woods has no middle gears. It’s either boiling or freezing. Soaking or bone-dry.

As I watch the flowing water encroaching on our house from the drainage ditch, I have to wonder why so many people are in denial about climate change.

Most of the denialists still call it “global warming” and I feel obligated to punch sense into the next person who denies global warming during a cold snap. But I digress.

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