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On the recent floods

First: Damnit, America! Do something about this climate change before it gets irrevocable on all our arses!

Right. That’s off my chest.

There is little crueler in Australian weather than flooding rain that follows a drought. Any attempt to avert incipient disaster by letting some water out of the dams is greeted with immense hue and cry. Because we’re not sure we’re ever going to get water again.

Then everything gets effed up because the water’s still coming and the dam has to let something go or the whole thing will bust and that would make it even worse for the poor sods downstream.

That’s what went wrong in 2011.

Now it’s happening again in 2013, everyone seems to have forgotten how rivers work [CLUE: water upstream == water downstream, later] and are blaming the dams for all the water. This in the face of all evidence that the dams are actually waiting for a good time to let loose some excess water this time around.

The reason why we’re having trouble now is there’s a FUCKING EX-CYLCONE OFF THE COAST. It’s dropping-down shit-tons of water, and most of it wasn’t turning up on the radar because it was going sideways. People have forgotten, during the short span between 2011 and 2013, what cyclonic storms are like.

And this one’s especially long-lived. Owing to climate change.

Thanks a bunch, America. Just get rid of the dickhead climate deniers and get off your collective arse and do something constructive for a change. Or, I dunno, subsidise environmental responsibility instead of the usual corporate douchebaggery.

But I digress.

There’s a fair chance that all this rain might just hit all the bushfires in Victoria. The one place that’ll be glad to see it coming. One plus side to that, at least.

I just wish they’d stop calling them once-in-[insert number of decades] storms, because they seem to be turning up every couple of years.

And I really want a “meanwhile in Australia” animated gif of the car in this:

Pedo spotted in Burpengary East

At approximately 6:45 AM on the 21st of August, my son had a near-creep experience.

The man was muscular, around 5'4" [~163cm] and wearing a grey hoodie and camo trousers with black shoes and black knit gloves. He offered my son lollies that he allegedly had in his car.

My son did not hang around to see the car, the guys face, or anything further that could be helpful. He did the smart thing and got the hell out of

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Flip a coin

Weather in my neck of the woods has no middle gears. It’s either boiling or freezing. Soaking or bone-dry.

As I watch the flowing water encroaching on our house from the drainage ditch, I have to wonder why so many people are in denial about climate change.

Most of the denialists still call it “global warming” and I feel obligated to punch sense into the next person who denies global warming during a cold snap. But I digress.

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