Burpengary East

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Pedo spotted in Burpengary East

At approximately 6:45 AM on the 21st of August, my son had a near-creep experience.

The man was muscular, around 5'4" [~163cm] and wearing a grey hoodie and camo trousers with black shoes and black knit gloves. He offered my son lollies that he allegedly had in his car.

My son did not hang around to see the car, the guys face, or anything further that could be helpful. He did the smart thing and got the hell out of dodge as fast as he could.

This is one of the worst things that could happen to a parent, but I am thankful to all higher powers that my kid is alive and safe.

If you saw this creep, please notify crime stoppers. Especially if you saw his car or what he looks like.

Everyone else - signal boost. I want the whole of Queensland to know that there’s a creep around and, personally, I want his ‘nards served to him on a silver platter with a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Second preference, his 'nards served to me, deep fried and with a side of very good chocolate.

I’m a vengeful sort, don'chaknow.

I had sent my kid up to get bread. I thought he’d be fine. Thank God he was, but I’m battening the metaphorical hatches all the same. I only waited this long to get the news out so I could be of rational enough mind to post a coherent account.

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