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::Deep breath:: Fuck.

Monday. Following a weekend that was possibly 40% travel 30% hard beds, and 20% what the fuck are we gonna EAT? Leaving 10% for the socialisation that we actually went there to do.

It is possible to go on a Leyland's Tour and stick to Keto, but it's something of an uphill battle, at times. If all else fails, you can order a salad at Maccas, or go pick up something at a Coles. And there's always cheese cubes. Or cheese that can be cubed.

So you know, I made it home alive, and at roughly 20% battery on the emotional/soul reserves and possibly the busiest monday that didn't come with housecleaning on the side.

That noise is happening tomorrow.

No, I have the usual school run furforal, followed by the Instant Story to make certain that ALL the shops are open before I begin my Grand Run-Around.

I'm exhausted now. It's going to be HELL. And I need to get it all done because tomorrow, I'm cleaning the dang house.

It's gonna be stoo. Tonight and tomorrow night. Cheap, easy, and capable of multiple servings. And also capable of being portioned and frozen for later.

And the AC unit in the compy room has died, so I'm gonna move this into the working AC. See you later, my dear readers.

By crikey it's hot

The temperature in my office is soaring up past the thirties1, but it's also a muggy heat for which the fans currently do nothing. Neither does the cooling unit in the front room.

So I went and had a summer napnap under the AC in my bedroom. For most of the day.

Today, I've started early so that I have half a hope of getting something useful done. And by 'useful', I mean "faffing about in photoshop" because I have plans

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