By crikey it's hot

The temperature in my office is soaring up past the thirties1, but it's also a muggy heat for which the fans currently do nothing. Neither does the cooling unit in the front room.

So I went and had a summer napnap under the AC in my bedroom. For most of the day.

Today, I've started early so that I have half a hope of getting something useful done. And by 'useful', I mean "faffing about in photoshop" because I have plans to take advantage of this mob making custom Pixel cases from whatever photograph you may own.

Yes, folks, I'm going to shoop myself up a totally unauthorized Steam Powered Giraffe phone case because I can so ner.

I might have to unearth some better pictures of the band, but whatevs. I'm sure I can cook something up with what I have. We'll see.

In the meantime, I only have a few hours before it gets criminally hot again, so I'd better get a wriggle on.

  1. That's over eighty Fahrenheit.