Challenge #02250-F060: If You Want the Rainbow

A Havenworlder sees for the first time, a Rainbow on Earth. He tells his species and Earth becomes suddenly more attractive. -- Anon Guest

Rykki often wondered why she had come to Earth. There was something morbidly fascinating about the Deathworlder's cradle planet. As if going there could verify why the Humans had been so keen on leaving it. So far, Rykki's leading theory was - the weather.

It had been raining hard enough to frighten Rykki, but her guide, Human Joff, had assured her that this was 'pretty strong, but not the worst' that they had seen. Deathworlders. They made small business out of enormous things. The mere idea of some downfall worse than the one she was witnessing almost sent her into conniptions.

The rain eased off from its relentless assault on the roof windows. Eased off from falling audibly at all. Hints of sunshine started to light the precipitation in shades of gold. Human Joff smiled. "Aw yes. It's happening," they said.

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