Challenge #02251-F061: They're Best Friends

Human survives horrible maiming, torture, excessive bleeding, battle wounds like a split skull etc. and Havenworlder doctor is completely scared of a being that laughs in the face of death, is even victorious (in wiping out the enemy), and survives wounds, which should be definitely fatal. -- Anon Guest

Human Stef was leaking again. There was a ten centidu[1] gash along the exposed flesh of her arm and some of the effluvium had had time to form a flaky crust. Doctor Leez'yun shrank away the instant ze noticed. "Keep your biological pathogens to yourself!"

"Huh? Human Stef looked at her forearm. "Oh shit. When did that happen?" She dug a biotainment bandage out of her preparedness pack and added it to the injury, rubbing it over so that the heat from friction would aid in its bonding to her skin. Next, she checked on her data reader for any places on her day's path where she might have leaked onto an otherwise safe surface. "All clear. I didn't leak on anything or anyone else but me."

"A wound like that is a serious injury," lectured Dr Leez'yun. "The blood loss alone is..." ze trailed off. This was, after all, a Human. "It's hazardous to your fellow crewmates. Your blood is highly toxic and belongs inside you."

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