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Oh, ability to focus, where hast thou gone?

I've run through all my usual means of focussing on the task at hand, and all have... well... failed.

Let's run this through:

  • Listening to vocal podcasts about random stuff: Listening to the random stuff instead of writing
  • Listening to my music collection: Spacing out and reading stuff instead of writing
  • Spacing out and reading stuff or playing games instead of writing
  • Shutting down everything but the work at hand: Re-opening the space-out sources and spacing out
  • Absolute silence: REALLY spacing out.

I need a new brain hack. My Instant and Flash Fanfiction took me all day and I didn't get anything done in the gas area.

I'll try again today.

As far as the TangleBag(tm) project is concerned, I've reached the top of the thing and now I gotta figure out what I'm doing next. Handles, yes. After some scrunch tests, the sisal twine is no more hazardous to grip and skin than any other hessian bag. I'll be crocheting some ribbon-type handles out of the same twine that made the bag.

For the finishing edge, I'm using something called "treble ones" - you start as if you're going to make a treble: hook through last stitch, hook through the stitch below, then make a new loop on the needle. What happens next is you drag the thread through all of these loops for the treble one. Bingo, you have a new 'last stitch' loop.

It works better with threads that can slide, of course. Sisal twine does not slide. Therefore, every one of these stitches has been twiddly hell. Not exactly "zone out and do whilst watching TV" type material.

And yes - the treble ones stop the bag mouth curling inwards quite nicely.

Onwards to the tales.

Hocus Pocus

I just can't focus.

Beloved was up at buttfuck AM this morning for server wrangling things, I have no doubt. I managed to dream about cuckoo clocks before Beloved's alarm went off - sounding like a cuckoo clock.

I don't know what's up with that, but thirty seconds of precognition whilst simultaneously unconscious sounds like the worst superpower ever. Fight me.

I did see Into the Spiderverse as well as Bumblebee and my impressions on how to do a Beloved Cartoon Franchise

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Off to the Doctor's

I'm visiting the doctor and I'm not sure why. I have my suspicions [mental health plan] because it was my shrink who wanted it to happen.

It's happening in the morning, so I could plausibly do a coffee and bank run whilst I'm out and about with minimal impact on my energy levels. The only potential snag in this pln is that I had yet another 3AM consciousness episode, so I might yet be perpetuating the sleeplessness cycle.

Have no fear. I

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Self Discipline is...

Self discipline is doing the thing even when you don't want to.

Self discipline is turning off Discord so I'm not distracted as much.

Self discipline is setting my other browser windows to less interesting content so I don't wind up scrolling through shitposts all day.

Self discipline is allowing myself to have a small treat when I'm done with my work. Or it would be, if my dear little darlings hadn't left me with nothing but my Beloved's liquorice to snack

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Reasons to Focus

If I get done early, I can listen to a new episode of The Adventure Zone. Which I can't find at the moment because it isn't yet out on iTunes.

If I get done early, I can work on that painful fanfic I'm writing and thereby be able to torture folks when I'm done posting Fifteen Little Words. [Because all writers are secretly arseholes, that's why]

If I get done early, I can fart around in Factorio, Minecraft, or one of the

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Mayhem is sick at home. Throwing up. So I'm dragging him to the doctor's a little later on. Story is happening whenever because this.

On the plus side: The Gold Coin Grass is working. All the you-have-gallstones side effects are present. On the other hand, that includes vomiting which means another trip to the doctor's.

The other plus is that I now know of Ursodeoxycholic acid. [ur-so-de-ox-ee-ko-lick]which will dissolve the gallstones and bypass the need to get the gall bladder removed.

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It's Patreon Day (tm) and I hope to get some different things up. For those of you following my fanfic shenanigans, I have two offerings and one may be full of squick. Approach with caution. I will add squick warnings for all things squickable.

Maybe even a squick tag. That can be a thing.

Now that I've said an invented term too many times, [urban dictionary is your friend] I can move on to other business.

The TAZ Fic Writer's Discord remains

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Out of Focus

I managed to daydream the morning away, today. I still have to arrange some dinner protein for the family, but first... I am getting the Instant done as quickly as my fuzzy brain can manage.

And since we're just about out of MCT, I have to go snag some more of that or I'll get worse.

Horrifying thought, that.

So of course it's taken me an hour to get this far and I'll likely take another three hours getting my Instant done

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Hocus Pocus

I need to focus.

Once again, my scattershot brain is not staying on task. It wants to do all the fun things, like reading fanfic, writing fanfic, and tooling around on Tumblr for more Shiny Elf Pics.


There's the post-Erastide cleanup to do, and I gotta do a bank run before time gets away from me. Again.

Today for realsies, I am doing the Beta Prep for Rael and when it's done, I shall put out a General Call. Desperately Seeking

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Two hour focus issues, folks.

I sat down here at about six to do my blog and Instant and now it's EIGHT.

I need to do some pre-yule rattling about for bits and pieces. Make sure I have enough stuff and things. And basically cram the fridge with whatever for the day before the Big One.

I already know that I'm making festive GORP for nibbles so I can get the biz for that, no problem.

Eggs, cream, oranges, and other perishables

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Focus Issues

I didn't art, yesterday. I barely had it together for the writing. Which took me all day.

Because shiny asshole elf plot bunny.

And shiny TAZ woobie fic with the boy detective that I'm holding off on until I hit the hump with the aforementioned asshole.

See what I mean about focus?

It's hit rainy season, so everything is well soaked. I want to spend a majority of my time holed up in a warm comfy place and napping the day away.

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It's 6:30 AM. It's overcast. And I got to bed at around 11:30 last night.

If there was a better day to just roll over and snooze in bed, I can't name it.

Unfortunately for me, I have this whole 'parental responsibilities' thing that means I have to do the brat run and all that noise. Chaos has foxtails because I couldn't be arsed doing the usual topsy cascade thing. Mayhem's okay, he got everything organised before I dragged myself

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I'd say TGIF, but...

Fridays are my busy day. And on top of that, Mayhem now has Home Ec on Fridays so that includes a potentially budget-busting round of every parental's favourite game, What Do You Need For School Now?

I used it as an excuse to get Mayhem some First House stuff on the side. Dollar shops are an amazing source of cheap kitchen shit with a moderate amount of actual quality.

That said, never buy dollar shop tongs. Just... don't. Those fuckers will break

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