It's Patreon Day (tm) and I hope to get some different things up. For those of you following my fanfic shenanigans, I have two offerings and one may be full of squick. Approach with caution. I will add squick warnings for all things squickable.

Maybe even a squick tag. That can be a thing.

Now that I've said an invented term too many times, [urban dictionary is your friend] I can move on to other business.

The TAZ Fic Writer's Discord remains enticingly distracting. To the point where I spent most of my day getting my Instant done. I have to train myself to ignore the little notice-me noises like I do for my phone and just... get on with biz.

It's a discipline thing.

B'Nar has crawled into its third chapter and will hit 4K today. I will be posting the completed chapters and asking my Patrons if they still want that one unfinished chapter mucking things up for people.

Assuming anyone responds, I will act on that.

I think I'll open up a topic on my Site Forum(tm) that will allow you, my dear readers, to suggest topics for my Word Press Wednesdays. That could be fun.

Couldn't it?