Challenge #02029-E205: Humans Are Breakable

How do aliens deal with humans on board missions/crews with serious mental illnesses? As even those who have “recovered” can relapse and have issues now and again, especially after certain triggers. I know this isn’t as interesting or fun as some of your other prompts but I’d really like to see what you would come up with. Thanks! -- Anon Guest

Human Polli was a Team Mom type Human and the gentlest soul anyone could care to meet. But she had also proved her Space Orc credentials by almost wiping out a Vorax Raid Ship by entering Mama Bear Mode. After the Vorax carapace piece had been pried gently from her teeth, and after she had come down from the adrenaline overload, Polli seemed... distraught.

Mediks and Therapists alike classed it as Survivor's Guilt mixed with Action Remorse. Human Polli would not normally tear cogniscents limb from limb with her bare hands and sometimes her feet, but Mama Bear Polli had. There were depths of rage lurking inside Human Polli that she hadn't believed herself capable of. And now she knew what evils lurked inside her secret heart. And it terrified her.

She had nightmares, disrupted sleep. Flashbacks every time she saw a crustacean[1], and wouldn't go near her former favourite meal - Marinara Fry. She seemed... extraordinarily fragile as they limped their way back to Waypoint Station. She would jump at sudden noises. Have disrupted sleep. 'Zone out' and emerge in seeming terror. She needed more sleep than normal and lost her appetite. Her joints ached and refused to work at their normal capacity. And the Kavi who shared the ship with her could not find a medical reason why this would be happening.

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