Once again, the week starts sideways. I'd forgotten that I'd silenced my phone so I didn't have to listen to annoying ads about games I didn't want to play whilst I was gathering fictional money in a game I did want to play. And that might have been a contributing factor to my Beloved and I missing out on the bi-election in our area. Whoops.

For those unfamiliar with mandatory voting, that's a $20 fine for each of us. We should keep better track of when these things are on in future. Like, the instant the spam comes in, we google when it's on and save the date. Then we can ignore all the adverts we please.

That's my PLN and I am sticking to it.

In other news, there will be actual whole chapters of B'Nar up on my Patreon tomorrow. I don't even know if it's right to delete the partial one I put up there last week.

And since I'm not part of the TAZ Writer's Discord, I haven't found the time to add any more to Ee the Changeling. I will in the fullness of time. Just... not yet.

And speaking of fullness of time... I'm almost caught up with posting my Blasts From my Past up on Steemit. Which means I will have more time for doodling about with other projects. I'm five days away from catching up and an untold number of days away from updating my story count.

Wow. Much progress. So amaze.

I'll have to figure out what else I'm doing with my blog there so I can accrue points again. Preferably something that doesn't take a lot of time or thought to produce. That I can grind out daily.

I can only yibbet on about my fandoms for so long before I start to repeat myself. And what passes for my life is kind'a boring, so... not that. I'll do something.