It's 6:30 AM. It's overcast. And I got to bed at around 11:30 last night.

If there was a better day to just roll over and snooze in bed, I can't name it.

Unfortunately for me, I have this whole 'parental responsibilities' thing that means I have to do the brat run and all that noise. Chaos has foxtails because I couldn't be arsed doing the usual topsy cascade thing. Mayhem's okay, he got everything organised before I dragged myself out of the bedchamber.

Today is going to be a small slice of hell. Because last night was dedicated to a special showing of Blade Runner. About which, I shall rant once Beloved actually sees it.

Here's the irony: The whole thing last night was supposed to be Beloved and I and the workmates all seeing Blade Runner. But some massive SNAFU came up and Beloved missed the whole dang movie. So my antisocial arse didn't have anyone to talk to until after.

And said SNAFU just went ON until long about 10PM. Hence the late, late bedtime.

The good news for you is that y'all have buckets more of that TAZ:BA1 fanfic I'm working on.

For those waiting in anticipation of the The Amity Incident dead tree version, I may have to do some jiggery-pokery to make it happen. Fonts and whatnot. Because Lulu has maximum page counts that aren't in their FAQ :P

If I can get it down to 800 pages, y'all can have a firkin hardcover. Which means I get to feel firkin fancy. And you get a physical fucking bludgeon-damage type book.

I shall be doing that, and probably loads of fanfic, today. Assuming I can focus for long enough to write anything meaningful today.

  1. Acronym update. Since the D&D campaign the McElroys have been running for three years is over, and they have a new campaign going... the initial 3Yr campaign is now called the Balance Arc. The podcast is still The Adventure Zone, or TAZ, but the Balance Arc is now TAZ:BA. Take note. I won't be doing this footnote again.