Mayhem is sick at home. Throwing up. So I'm dragging him to the doctor's a little later on. Story is happening whenever because this.

On the plus side: The Gold Coin Grass is working. All the you-have-gallstones side effects are present. On the other hand, that includes vomiting which means another trip to the doctor's.

The other plus is that I now know of Ursodeoxycholic acid. [ur-so-de-ox-ee-ko-lick]which will dissolve the gallstones and bypass the need to get the gall bladder removed. This means that if the doctor gives me smug-face, [the "I know everything and you don't" attitude] I can reveal my abilities to google the good stuff.

So today, I'm doing everything with a source of distraction at my elbow. Yay.

If I get everything done, count it as a miracle.