Challenge #02038-E214: Any One Help

Your newest story about the human gut wound had me wondering. If aliens cared for their human protectors as much as we cared for them, how would they respond to a significant threat to humanity/earth that even the humans were incapable of dealing with? After all of humanities’ civilian organized humanitarian (this word is hilarious to me here) efforts, how would aliens respond when we are in need of some major help of our own? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Inspired by this but not necessarily directly related.]

Humans are well-known for risking their lives for other's sakes. They are rescuers, disaster recoverers, emergency personnel. Sometimes, without training other than the basic know-how. Often in possession of a completely unrelated job title. And they all say the same thing when they are thanked:

"Anyone would do the same thing."

For a long time, they don't tell the Humans that that statement is false. The Universe is full of the self-serving and uncaring. Those who genuinely believe that people who receive disasters truly deserve them because they were evil somehow. Even Human history is loaded with people like that[1]. But so very rarely to Humans act like that was ever a norm.

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