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I'd say TGIF, but...

Fridays are my busy day. And on top of that, Mayhem now has Home Ec on Fridays so that includes a potentially budget-busting round of every parental's favourite game, What Do You Need For School Now?

I used it as an excuse to get Mayhem some First House stuff on the side. Dollar shops are an amazing source of cheap kitchen shit with a moderate amount of actual quality.

That said, never buy dollar shop tongs. Just... don't. Those fuckers will break or gain some other fatal flaws within days of purchase. Even if you leave it in the fucking packet until you need it.


On Fridays, I cram my daily word count up to 1000 instead of 500 so I can have an entire weekend to faff about as I please. On top of my daily story, that's twice the opportunity for daydreaming, losing focus, or getting lost in Tumblr as I usually have.

Then there's the brat run and fetching Unsuitable Food on friday... It's a full day for me.

And most of it consists of sitting in front of my computer and not checking on The Kittens Game for the umpty-billionth time.

My primary means of focus? Filling one monitor with a large-font file that just read, Back to WORK. It's super effective.