Hocus Pocus

I just can't focus.

Beloved was up at buttfuck AM this morning for server wrangling things, I have no doubt. I managed to dream about cuckoo clocks before Beloved's alarm went off - sounding like a cuckoo clock.

I don't know what's up with that, but thirty seconds of precognition whilst simultaneously unconscious sounds like the worst superpower ever. Fight me.

I did see Into the Spiderverse as well as Bumblebee and my impressions on how to do a Beloved Cartoon Franchise will likely pop up on this weeks' Wordpress Wednesday, because I feel like it deserves some real, in-depth rambling about aesthetic/thematic choices in media and how fucking well they did it this time around.

If I can give any spoilers, I will be waxing lyrical about zip-a-tone, colour plates, Kirby Dots, and 80's themes in movie plots.

The weirdest thing I have had happen around me occurred this morning. I went up to the shops for the Money Run and encountered a flock of Grandma types, most of them wearing at least one red garment. All clustered near Subway/Australian Outback and having a mass gasbag. I presume something was up, but I didn't want to be around when those old birds decided to do a Hitchcock thing.

I just got my cash and got out.

Today promises early cleaning, and I'm aiming to get the kitchen/dining area unfucked as well as working on the aesthetics of the front room.

I have to hurry and finish this blog. It's almost cleaning time.