Challenge #02172-E343: One Notorious Encounter at Midnight

Vorax raiding parties had enough trouble with ships containing only one human, imagine the response to encountering a ship with a full crew of them... -- Amberfox

The ship was dark and silent. After numerous excursions in which the Vorax had encountered Humans, they felt that -perhaps- attacking a ship in its dormancy period might rally the spirits of the crew. Certainly, it lacked a little honour, but the Humans were next to relentless and this area of space was loaded with them.

One raid with a victory at the end, no matter how craven, would lift their confidence and give them the strength they needed to find more honourable -and vulnerable- prey. This ship looked perfect for the role. Large, and full of cargo. Loaded with life forms. There would be plenty of blood tonight.

Most of the ship was sleeping, so they employed cunning to silently enter the enemy hull. Once they were inside and had killed a few of the crew, then a glorious battle could commence and all would be proper for the raid. That was the plan. It was a good plan. They all agreed that it was a good plan.

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