Don't look for me on Tumblr today

Today is the 17th in the US. Today is the day that everything allegedly NSFW is going to be purged from the databases. Today, everyone who cares about the freedom to be nerdy weirdoes and help each other with things that other sites dare not talk about... those people will not be there.

I already have plans to fill my day. Starting with recording myself futzing around with Mods on Minecraft. When my little darlings wake up, that will be the end of that and I get on with the usual storytime.

Except I won't be making stories on Tumblr. They will turn up on AO3, Pillowfort, and I'll give serious consideration to posting one fanfic on my Steemit account, but they will not be on Tumblr.

My career - such as it is - began there. It will not end there.

Building a new fanbase won't be terrible. I have seven hundred people following me on Steemit. That's three hundred more than I've ever had on Tumblr. That's something. I could plausibly take that business anywhere. Maybe even to the offices of a publisher.

In the words of Granny Weatherwax - I Aint Ded.