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Wednesday, Wordpress and Technical Issues

I spilled a bit of fizzy drink on my keyboard and the new one is a little on the temperamental side. It's not letting me do some things and writing with it promises to be a pain in the butt.

Also my compy doesn't like being active at 10AM for some reason.

Which means my normal goals are on hold until I figure out a work-around for that horseshit.

I'm doing my best. And if that includes a two-hour break until I get back on my main compy for the rest of the stuff, then so be it.

I shall make an attempt today. It shall be a good time window for meatspace stuff. And possibly writing even more of A Devil's Tale. Because I'm unstoppable on that thing.

Expect another episode of the fanficcy version on Wordpress, today.

Making Insomnia Pay

I woke up at Arse AM again, and this time, Mayhem wasn't in a mood to chat. Therefore, I'm about 3/4 done with editing Inter-Mission's latest episode now. W00t.

Even after tidying up the reading, I still have to paste in the background music, but that all takes less than a minute from start to stop.

Fingers crossed, I should have all that nonse tied up by this afternoon. Yay.

Fingers crossed, I actually get a favourable reply to the

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Whoop WHOOP!

So. We have the last household unfuckening of the year. Shortly before the biggest, messy week of the year.

Beloved is allegedly going to get their Tesla before Christmas. That's in less than five days, including today. Stir in a high chance of nothing being done on Christmas Eve and there's like three days for anything to happen, and I don't give odds for the weekend.

So... Today. Or Monday. Fun.

I have a new episode of TAZ:Graduation to listen to,

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Second Chaos Week

I have another week of disrupted schedules, running around for stuff, and generally being a disorganised loon.

I have a cat getting vaccinations. I have a cat getting desexed. Different cats. I have Mayhem's graduation plus hauling him to a job interview. I have the regular shuffle of Cleaning Days and the chaos of Whatever Is Happening To My Car.

Like, I should be finding out what's going on with my vehicle this week. I hope. If not, I'll have to ring

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Looking forward to chaos

Tomorrow is Game Nite Friday. I am stoked. Mayhem is stoked, but also under orders to keep his virii to himself.

I do not want to catch the Ekka Flu. Those things are arseholes.

Today, with luck, I shall record some tales, since the 5-htp is working to help me maintain a sound night's sleep. On one hand - yay. On the other hand - now I have to find a new time window for recordings and maybe build an improv sound

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I forgot to do the Patreon stuff and I have a medical appointment today, but I am ahead on the word count so... yay. Ish.

Mayhem stayed at home, so on top of getting a tooth hole plugged, we got a rattle on with some of the Kitty Kondo(tm) despite the weather.

...and because of the weather, there is mud everywhere. Sigh. It'll sweep up though.

I also managed to break a board by dropping it, so part of my adventures

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Overtime Extreme!

We have a complete-ish muddy hole. I have a whole bunch of boards and a PLN on how to mark them, cut them, and notch them according to PLN.

THEN we're in trouble.

If I can get all that sawing business done before tomorrow, we might make some actual firkin progress. Tomorrow, I'm having a tooth drilled. Tomorrow, I have my Beloved home to look after me because of said shenanigans. Tomorrow, we have a chance to leap some progress onto this

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Oh, ability to focus, where hast thou gone?

I've run through all my usual means of focussing on the task at hand, and all have... well... failed.

Let's run this through:

  • Listening to vocal podcasts about random stuff: Listening to the random stuff instead of writing
  • Listening to my music collection: Spacing out and reading stuff instead of writing
  • Spacing out and reading stuff or playing games instead of writing
  • Shutting down everything but the work at hand: Re-opening the
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