Whoop WHOOP!

So. We have the last household unfuckening of the year. Shortly before the biggest, messy week of the year.

Beloved is allegedly going to get their Tesla before Christmas. That's in less than five days, including today. Stir in a high chance of nothing being done on Christmas Eve and there's like three days for anything to happen, and I don't give odds for the weekend.

So... Today. Or Monday. Fun.

I have a new episode of TAZ:Graduation to listen to, so everything else is going to be S-L-O-W until it's done. Be warned.

Presents for the little darlings has been trouble, since they're at that age where nothing special pops out. The current pln to give them money in a crimbolio card is looking like a thorough winner. Followed by a sales-times extravaganza for the youngins.

If I find something in my adventure that would suit either of them, then... that'll be the thing.

I foresee a great deal of running around this weekend. Expect late stories.