Challenge #02535-F345: One... Giant Leap

A human has fallen very much in love with another deathworlder. These deathworlders are only similar to humans in that they walk bipedal and have a human-ish shape to their faces, but that's about it. The human had been working aboard ship with the being for almost a year, the contract stated the human would be there for another four years, and they were trying to find out how to get the being to become interested in more than just .... well... friendship. -- DaniAndShali

The relationship had been a source of amusement amongst the crew of the Seek and Find. Even the second-densest member of the crew caught on to the idea that Human Dar found Grumesh cute within the first month of awkward flirting.

The densest member of Seek and Find's crew was, of course, Grumesh. Overtures small and large were interpreted as being such a good friend. It certainly didn't help that Dar was one of those Humans who were easily embarrassed and therefore fumbled every opportunity for closeness.

Watching Human Dar defeated regularly in the lists of love was, unfortunately, also kind of sad. Case in point, it was lunchtime. The crew watched with a mixture of morbid fascination and amused pity as Dar loaded up their food tray and got some extras of Grumesh's favourite treats. Again. Deathworlders always appreciated others who brought them nice food. As Dar approached Grumesh, they began turning the characteristic ruddier hues of extreme mortification.

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