Challenge #01068-B336: A Reason to Sing

Sans, you have a lovely singing voice! -- Gallifreya

[AN: This prompt references this fan mix of a song called Drop Pop Candy. CAUTION: That song is an ear-worm. Do not listen until you have something that trumps everything.]

Sans hadn't realised he was singing out loud until Frisk began clapping. He hadn't been in a mood to sing since... O Gods... since the first time they had escaped the underground. So many resets ago.

It had been over a year. Things... things were changing. He hadn't lived anything before for... months, now. He'd started feeling... happy. Which was kind of a big deal.

Frisk signed, Beautiful voice.

They had the power to start the world all over again. But they didn't. They seemed to be enjoying life among the monsters just as much as everyone was enjoying the surface.

"If you think so," he allowed. "Hadn't had much reason to sing since... forever ago. At least it feels that way."

Frisk dashed away. A few minutes later, they reappeared with a handbill from their school. Advertising a Karaoke Carnival to raise funds for gym equipment.

Why was it always gym equipment? Wouldn't more up-to-date reference materials make more sense? Or computers for each of the kids? Or better training for the staff who still thought Frisk was somehow malingering by being mute.

Frisk signed, You could show up Linda.

Ugh. Linda. The one woman who came to the PTA to complain about the lack of salad wraps and gluten-free treats at the cafeteria, but never once put her money or time where her flapping mouth was. Linda, who believed that vaccines made kids 'catch autism'. Linda, with her interfering finger pointing at all other children except her allegedly perfect little brat, Shiloh.

Shiloh. That little snot. Sans had it on good authority that Shiloh stole other kids' lunches [Linda accused the other kids of 'sharing' their 'unhealthy foods'] and could pee his pants on cue. Shiloh, who waited until he heard Linda's approaching footfalls to put on a massively destructive, red-faced, screaming fit. Shiloh, who would do so very much better if [to use Linda's words] all the freaks and misfits were put away into a special school. If Linda's suggestion was taken as gospel, then her son would be going to school on his own.

Linda the loudmouth. Linda the ignorant. Linda the nouveau vegan. Linda, who had the school board firmly in her pocket. That Linda.

Sans winked at Frisk. "Yeah. Sure. I could do that. Reckon we could make a show out of it? Pretty sure Mettaton wants to help out with charity, too."

Frisk giggled and gave a double-thumbs-up. They knew exactly what Mettaton would do to the event. Glitter was only the start.

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