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Challenge #01061-B329: First Impressions

The large, intimidating and scary... King Fluffybuns -- Gallifreya

Authorities were still trying to lure the silent Frisk away from the gathered monsters. Frisk had worn themselves out trying to tell them that the monsters were her friends.

Now they were just clinging to the nearest leg for comfort.

Toriel patted her head. "I know, my child," she soothed. "It is very hard to convince them. Humans do tend to judge by appearances. Have no fear. They will understand."

And then, the second-worst thing to happen since Undyne began defending them all from the hail of bullets... happened. King Asgore emerged into the spotlight.

Eight feet tall, at least, including his horns. He had a large teapot in one hand and a tray full of cups in the other.

"Would anyone like a cup of tea?" he offered. "It's my favourite blend." He began to pour a few cups, giving one to Sans to pass to Frisk. One went to a grateful Undyne, who took it straight down in one gulp.

"Thanks, sire. I needed that."

Toriel was helping Frisk blow on theirs to cool it.

"Humans," boomed Papyrus, "You must be tired from holding those guns like that for so long. Have some tea with us. You'll feel better in no time."

Officer Honicutt was the first to holster her weapon and take some of the offered tea. She sipped cautiously. Her eyes bugged. She whirled to face her fellow officers and uttered possibly the worst phrase in the history of diplomatic statements.

"Holy shit, Sarge! You gotta taste this stuff, it's fucking awesome!"

"Language," chided Toriel.

Frisk giggled and signed, Heard worse at orphanage. Is fine, Mom.

"I do not think it's fine, my child. You should not hear such words until your majority."

They happen, anyway. Please no angry?

"All right," Toriel added a kiss to Frisk's brow. "I will endeavour to not be offended. The last thing we need here and now is anger."

Of course, the news cameras loved the entire concept of a giant goat-monster throwing a tea party for the attending officers. Regardless of what they thought it meant, the image was on every station across the globe.

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