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Sunday, Game Night and Budgets

I figured that if I set a limit to my present-buying shenanigans, then it won't break the bank.

Not publishing my limits because fam reads this. I don't want to shame them just because we like to have expensive shit.

I have a quarter of the next map drawn, and I'm focussing on making critter counters for the eventual game. Huzzah.

I might be able to finish the floor plan of the second map. Then I experiment with how to keep tokens on a map when I have more than one. And learn how to use the fog of war.


That's a process that could go on all of this week. Which means that the game won't be going ahead until next firkin year.

Ah well.

That also gives me time to work on things like getting the books ready for publishers, hooray.

But I expect the following days to be crowded because Crimbolio prep.

I'll get what I can done, and it all depends on having moolah.

Wednesday, we have that.

Challenge #02497-F307: Beginning to Look a Lot Like TERROR

A: oh god, oh fuck it’s happening again

B: what? What wrong?

A: not again, I’m not strong enough

B: for what?!

A: it’s coming, it’s coming


A: Christmas -- Anon Guest

Some Humans are major league into their holidays. Often to the point that Station Regulations have to intervene in regards to what is on public display. Some are not very excited by their holidays, and some... despise them. Companion Huruk

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Challenge #01798-D337: A One Horse Christmas

In one town, a natural disaster isn’t something that comes around every once in a while—it’s constantly there, like forest fires always glowing just over the hills, a tornado cycling down the same streets every day, or an earthquake constantly jolting the town. And instead of moving away, the town and its people have simply adapted to it. -- Illuminate-Prompts

Welcome to One Horse. It's simply liminal! People who actually see it as they pass by read it as

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The good news is that I didn't bounce back out of Ketosis, nor did I gain more than I've lost. I'm still in the 84-kilo zone. Just... a little higher up in there.

Our cheese-cup-cakes were an immense success. The strawberry ones were way more delicious than the original flavour. I think we're going to go Genuine Fruit Flavour each time we make these things in future.

So, of course, I have to share the recipe.

Cheesecake the Easy Way

  • Electric
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Challenge #01083-B351: Dir Satan...

"Give me a heartwarming Christmas movie about Satan traveling around the world every Christmas to deliver presents to all the young kids and kids with learning disorders and disabilities who misspell “Santa” on their Christmas letters every year"

"And Santa’s all like, “You know, I can handle a few spelling mistakes, I got this,” and Lucifer is like “They’re addressed to me, fuck off, I’m doing it.”"

"Lucifer being protective of his

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Challenge #01065-B333: Santa Claws

The Santa Suit in King Fluffybuns' wardrobe. -- Gallifreya

The first rays of Christmas morning lit the snow with gold. This was a day of magic. A day of miracles. And the best miracle was that Frisk had a family now.

Mom Toriel and Dunkle Sans. And Uncle Papyrus. And Aunties Undyne and Alphys. And a whole host of others who would be sharing the feast at the Really Big table.

The grin on Frisk's head wouldn't go away. Their breathless giggles

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Post-Yule fallout

Boxing day. A day when the fridge is full of leftovers and the house is full of wrapping paper. Today is going to be pretty much an all-day snack and I know it.

Thanks to Pizza on Christmas Eve, and the feast yesterday, I'm back up over my 95-Kilo celebration border. So I will be attempting [underline attempting] to keep my sweet tooth in check.

It's not going well. Today's breakfast includes four jelly lollies and a snowball [that's a chocolate-covered marshmallow

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It's raining on Christmas Eve

And since I spent my formative years in the country and living on tank water, I have only one response to rain on Christmas Eve:


I hope it stays, today. I hope it stays tomorrow. I hope it stays for Boxing Day, when a majority of the post-festivity mess is getting cleaned up.

We need a nice, gentle, cooling rain in the very middle of summer. We need it like air. A nice, set-in rain would make this Christmas perfect.


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Fun times ahead

Friendo is super effective at getting me motivated. The majority of an entire arm of the kitchen countertop has been sorted in the space of a few hours, when its daunting expanse of assorted scrattle had intimidated me to the extreme, previously.

I have the hoarder's edition of OCD - which means (a) I never throw anything out (b) I tend to leave things where they lie, and (c) doing anything to fix it requires at least one person to keep me

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Reasons to be happy (and also scared)

Life gets me down, sometimes, so I try to make myself focus on the good things. Alas, sometimes that also causes an anxiety flare-up. But at least I'm not sad any more and Steam Powered Giraffe can help me conquer my Fraidy Cats.

Reasons I should be happy:

  • I'm going to start publishing that epic SPG lorefic romance TODAY (corollary, I'm not finished writing it, what if I run out of chapters before I run out of story to tell?)
  • The house
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So much to do, so few spoons

Once again, the family predilection for doing anything else but cleaning has reared its ugly head. I'm going to be off my feet, making sure things are (a) ready for Christmas, (b) ready for my visiting Friendo, (c) going to stay that firkin way at least until Boxing Day.

AND I have the usual run of daily Instant and daily word count [no fears, dear readers, about Christmas happening on a Friday. I will catch up with my word count on the

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Small progress is still progress

I didn't get everything done that I wanted to do yesterday. I got my daily Instant up. Of course. I got my five hundred words in.

I got some more chicken and I got dinner on.

And I got the floor cleared of the mountain of debris that had built up through collective apathy.

Today... if I'm lucky, I shall clean up the spare room a tad, make it nice for incoming visitors, and attempt to keep the cat out of it.

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We've started on our supplies...

My goal for this week and next week is to spend as little as humanly possible so that we have more money to save for Christmas.

The artisinal rosemary products are going to crap on that, more than a little. Mostly owing to the fact that I will have to purchase some tools and find a source of bulk white wine vinegar. Might have to discuss that with Beloved.

I'm doing nine bottles of dried leaves, eight of rosemary oil and six

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A breath of fresh... meat?

We got paid, we got paid! Kaloo kalay, O frabjous day!

I was not about to turn around and spend it all in one place, dear readers. I went to every last cheap zone I knew to get hold of some cheap noms. And some equally cheap plastic containers.

The golden circle factory outlet does some marvelous deals, and I took advantage of them. I now own a metric fuckton of rice, some juices for the kids, and more beetroot than I

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Challenge #00712 - A347: Jinge Bells, Santa Smells

Santa’s elves go union!

“Two! Four! Six! Eight! Hear us, Kringle, we can wait!” The chant filtered through the stained glass windows of the Head Office.

Kris Kringle, aka Santa Claus, aka The Jolly Elf of the North, was not that jolly. He was perspiring, despite the cold, and highly nervous. He cleared his throat seventeen times before he put his foot in his mouth with, “And what do you want for Christmas, little boy?”

The elves

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