Reasons to be happy (and also scared)

Life gets me down, sometimes, so I try to make myself focus on the good things. Alas, sometimes that also causes an anxiety flare-up. But at least I'm not sad any more and Steam Powered Giraffe can help me conquer my Fraidy Cats.

Reasons I should be happy:

  • I'm going to start publishing that epic SPG lorefic romance TODAY (corollary, I'm not finished writing it, what if I run out of chapters before I run out of story to tell?)
  • The house is the cleanest it's been in months (corollary, parts of it are still messy as heck what if I'm judged by the state of [INSERT ROOM OF SHAME]?)
  • Friendo is coming all the way from Tullagawoopwoop to stay for Christmas! (corollary, what if this is the worst idea ever and this Christmas contains a massive screaming row between Friendo and family?)
  • I have the means, motive and opportunity to stock up on EVERYTHING I need for the Yule Feast, including salad bits, dressing, fruits, cream, etc. (corollary, what if I buy some things too soon and they're rotten by the big day? HALP!)
  • Silicon cupcake trays are THE BEST for freezing cream in preparation for artisinal ice-cream treats (corollary, they're also a pain in the arse when the trays stick together, someone is going to raise an eyebrow at whatever method I use to prevent said sticking, I despise getting things wrong)
  • There is definitely going to be an entire drawer dedicated to frozen ingredients for the ice treat machine (corollary, what if I can't find the important stuff when I need right when I need it? Also: what if I somehow run out? I know that's illogical, but it's a legit fear of mine)
  • Friendo and I are likely to go on a shopping spree tomorrow - a grand tour of everywhere that sells in bulk and everywhere that sells for cheap (corollary, what if we break both our banks in the process?)
  • Christmas is a diet-free zone (corollary I JUST dipped below 95 kilos, this morning, what if I manage to pack on >5 kilos overnight?)

And of course I'm still upset that I got my wires crossed and thought that today was Friday, during yesterday, and sent MeMum an email that had her in panic mode. I am a horrible, horrible child.

And there's still loads of cleaning to do, including making positively certain that the ice treat machine is both hunky and dory and has all its bits. [Just done. Yay!]

I'm going to make a list of all the assorted shiz I need to get together before Friday. And mark which ones I should really get the Thursday before. Then I shall battle plan with Friendo on a least-cost path to get all of the above.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put on some Steam Powered Giraffe.