Challenge #02497-F307: Beginning to Look a Lot Like TERROR

A: oh god, oh fuck it’s happening again

B: what? What wrong?

A: not again, I’m not strong enough

B: for what?!

A: it’s coming, it’s coming


A: Christmas -- Anon Guest

Some Humans are major league into their holidays. Often to the point that Station Regulations have to intervene in regards to what is on public display. Some are not very excited by their holidays, and some... despise them. Companion Huruk found this out whilst escorting Human Zae through one of the commerce districts.

All had been well. Human Zae seemed happy enough, even singing along with the music on the public system, and then a look of horror began to grow on her face. "Oh god. Oh flakk, it's happening again..."

Companion Huruk was alarmed. If something could disturb a Human, it had to be serious business. Major-alert-level bad news. Ze made sure hir stunner was clear for drawing and fully charged. "What is it? Where is the trouble?"

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