A bit of a breather? Nope

Today, Mayhem has a job interview. Also today, I have to go out and snag some kitty fodder of the soft and gooshy variety. I did promise Mayhem that I would get him some Kobolds to paint.

We're not painting yet. We have to have a clear workspace to work in and that means (gasp of dread) putting the laundry away. Horrible fate, that.

I'm also planning to do a thing on why my pet universe centres on the idea that Humans are insane. It involves Asterix the Gaul, the Goons, and political correctness.

It gets rambly from there.

I'm rather proud of completing my output, yesterday. Let's see if I can do that today.

I'm watching a lot of Mini painting videos. Thank the Powers that there's lots of YouTube tutorials for Mini painting, even though most of it is Warhammer centric.

This weekend, I will be assembling my Practice Guys and experimenting with Primer Methods(tm)... which also means getting my hands on some black primer for testing purposes. I already have a grey primer from the Warhammer store, so... I'll try sourcing from a car place.

Mayhem has tried two different methods to stay at home already, and I am just sick of his bullshit. Trying to argue that there's nothing at school. They want him to turn up, he should firkin turn up, GDI.

Now I have to make certain he isn't trying to cook pork belly while my back is turned.